gettin’ out of dodge.

Hill and I are hitting the road tomorrow, in some spanky new glasses.  North Carolina, then New Orleans, then back to NYC for a day and on to Nova Scotia.  A well needed vacation for both of us.  It’s been a real hustle getting ready to go over the last few days, but it’ll be well worth it.  Not sure how much I’ll be writing or flickring while I’m gone, but I’ll catch you all up when I get back.

The back half of this last week it really started to catch up with me.  I’ve been working pretty hard, and my body isn’t really quite up to it yet.  Feeling a little old and broken down, but surprising myself by how much I’m able to do.  It’s a little strange..  Moving heavy stuff is no problem, but anything that requires a little fitness is hopeless.  My legs are tired when I get to the top of the stairs.  Oh well.  Some salt air, and mussels will cure all ills!

Thank you all for staying tuned.  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying twice..  Recovering from those bloody treatments is no picnic.  My last time around, the year of remission was a pretty depressing year.  I was listless..  working, but not at a good consistent pace.. distracted, etc.  You go from really actively DOING something about the cancer, to trying to pick up the pieces and to hoping it doesn’t come back.  This time around it’s actually hoping it doesn’t come back AGAIN.  Anyway.  Your support is a real help.  Thanks.

See you in some weeks.

Big love.

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  1. In those shades you look like something out of a Hunter S. Thompson book (I mean that in a good way!)
    If anyone deserves a great holiday, it’s you two. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Have a wonderful trip Ezra! we’re crossing paths, as Im head northward from NOLA just as you are heading down here. so very sorry Im going to miss you in both places!! have a great time sweetheart.

  3. Have a great and safe trip… The Canadian here would love to see picks of Nova Scotia. We have never made it out to the east coast. Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Wow, Nova Scotia! I was there in 2009 for a month, an fell in love with this part of canada.
    Have a blast an a great trip!

  5. Ez, have a very good time, I’ll be waiting for your news, I’m sure they’ll be good!!
    Tons of hugs

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