gnocchi (again).


It’s been a little while since I wrote anything here. Been even longer since I made a movie about food.  (directions for gnocchi can be found in this post)

About 8 months ago, Sam Newman showed up on our doorstep. A mutual friend had told him that we would be friends. I invited him to stay for dinner, and by our calculations, he has eaten here more than he has not ever since. About a month ago, he moved in. He is a Vermonter. So. The Vermont house has gotten a little Vermont-er, Hill now, the only non native.

Sam is a film maker. He was willing to drive the camera, and that was just enough of a push for me to try and get back on the horse.

I found the editing pretty tiresome. Had to do it in a couple of tries. I realized that last winter, when I was doing these with some regularity, I was pretty high on narcotics most of the time! Nothing to get you through tedium like some narcotics! In general I’ve been feeling a little too antsy to get much done lately. I’m finding that my attention span has shrunk (unbelievable!)

The other day I finally had a first visit with a brain doctor who specializes in people who’ve been through life changing medical events. After an hour or so of getting my recent history she said something to the effect of, “wow.. you’ve been through a lot.. How on earth is it that you’re just NOW coming to me” I guess I’ve been a little busy.

shit.  Like I was saying.  Attention span.  I’m going to go do something else.


Ezra to Samamidon:


was cruising around vimeo, and found that someone had stolen some of your music!!!

Samamidon to Ezra:

I am promptly forwarding this to my lawyer so that he can improve his cooking skills!!

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  1. I love this! Have always wanted to learn to make gnocchi and the video was fabulous — made it look very easy. And kudos on the skillet-flipping skills. 🙂

  2. Mad skills with the utensils.

    Good thing about the Brain Doctor. It means you are looking at things long term. I mean there is a long term and that is a good thing, a very good thing.

  3. A good friend of mine just moved home to Austin after 6 years in the East Village. Every time she sees your massive kitchen work space she just about passes out. And don’t get me started on your knife skills. Now that you’ve got a camera man… more please…

    Also tell Sam his generosity is not all for naught – “I See the Sign” has been in regular rotation in our house since you put “Way Go Lilly” in one of these.

    Cheers Ezra:) Y’all look great:)

    PS: Hey Patrick – If past videos are any indication, that was probably Bourbon (Maybe even Old Ezra Kentucky Bourbon) 🙂

  4. I’m interested in the treatments the brain doc provides if you don’t mind sharing or emailing. You reminded me that I bookmarked (a couple of years ago now) the website for a research group that designs personalized brain rehab programs.

  5. thanks for posting gnocchi (again). It is my opinion you could post gnocchi making again, and again, and again….Did you know that gnocchi is the preferred pasta of the Roman god Jupiter? Yeah…I just made that up.

  6. Made these with squash instead of potatoes, pan fried them and then made a sauce in the pan with red wine, cream, shallots, sage, black pepper. Fucking amazing; thanks for a showy, delicious recipe.

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