Going great guns.

We’ve been going great guns all day!

An important little update that we felt we couldn’t ignore, however!

JUST received a few top secret spy photos from our insider on the factory floor at IBEX in white ricer junction VT. and it appears that the first official FAST BOY CYCLES merch is ALIVE..  and the tracking indicates that it will be in my hands in time to bring to the show tomorrow!


spy shot 2



spy shot


Fast Boy Cycles wool long sleeve full zip cycling jerseys just in time for fall mountain biking.  I have hesitated a long time to produce any merchandise, mostly because I didn’t want to simply slap my name on some product made over seas.   Pretty pleased to have been able to team up with IBEX to make something special right here in the U.S., and  in my home state of Vermont no less!  Jerseys will be available at the show tomorrow.  Limited numbers.  If anything is left over, it will be made available on line.

We’ll see you there!  And keep in mind that some percentage of the proceeds of the entire show go to VNS home hospice!!  SO bring your friends!


Now.  Back to work.


Fast Boy out!


17 Replies to “Going great guns.”

  1. Wow! Everything sounds like it’s really coming along. So much wonderful stuff! I wish you the very best this weekend. I also wish I could be at this incredible bike show that’s about to happen…darn, I’ll be thinking of you. Hope you raise a ton of money for VNS home hospice. Have fun! Go Fast Boy–!! 🙂 xo

  2. No kidding – we very nearly flew in for this:) We couldn’t swing it in the end, but everything looks AMAAAAAAAZING. And HELL YES to Fast Boy merch. I’m both thrilled and gutted that it’s gonna go like the pill flasks did ha ha:) We can’t wait to see / hear how everything goes! This is just too cool. BIG LOVE to the whole team XX

  3. Looking forward to getting my name in the lottery. It would feel good to wear the jersey on the red dirt and rocks of Sedona, AZ.

  4. LOL
    You cant rest can you?
    The ideas just keep coming…
    Gawd id love to buy a jersey but I realize it wont happen as there are too many wanting one but it must make you feel great regardless 😉

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