good news and bad news – ish.


Finally heard from the doc yesterday about the new blood work.  The liver enzymes have resolved themselves, but the tumor marker (CEA) actually went up.

Petscan tomorrow morning.

The CEA marker is apparently pretty notorious.  Lots of false positives AND false negatives.  What’s the point of even using it?  Its success rate seems to be the highest in people like me, however.  That is, people with stage three colorectal cancer.  And clearly it’s a useful enough measure that it can’t be ignored.

I doubt very much that the petscan will show anything at all.  Tumors have to be pretty sizable to show up in a pet.  Obviously, it’s great news if a pet is clear, but it doesn’t mean that you can stop the vigilance.  It particularly doesn’t offer too much comfort if tumor marker levels continue to climb, and you’ve got no explanation for it.

It’s another lesson in patience, I guess.  In trying not to let the unknown, the unknowable, affect your day to day too much.  (starting to cut up tubes this morning for Nose bikes 2 and 3..  I’m a little obsessed.  These things are awesome!  Everyone should have one.)

I could have pet results as soon as tomorrow afternoon.  An update soon.

big love.

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  1. Thank you for the update. It’s good of you to think of us supporters standing by biting our nails. 🙂

    So do enjoy your time and try not to get impatient. Let us do all the waiting for you!!!

    Strength and happy wishes going your way.

  2. Totally:) we will SO do the waiting. We’ll work in shifts. You’re covered – no problem:)

    BIG love headed your way:)

    Thanks for the update.

  3. All in for the waiting. Hell between this and another friend that just got diagnosed with cancer, i dreamed about the shit all night.

  4. false positive false negative – hell TRY HARDER CEA TEST. get your act together mr. just depends on how i feel that day to let you know whether (or not, or maybe or hell i dunno) someone should worry. someone should give that test a frowny face sticker for the day.

    keep making bikes ez. glad to hear from you here and that your liver enzymes are footloose and fancy free.

  5. I’ll be waiting good news… my results aren’t so good enought for me (my liver have problems)… another patience exercise for me. I send you all my best wishes and big hugs.

  6. Thanks for the update. Know that there are LOTS of people sending healthy thoughts your way. Glad to hear you’re living up to the “Don’t worry. Build bikes.” motto 🙂

  7. I still want to say that you’re the shit. And also a polymath and an inspiration. This is a weird world: it can spread a body’s reach. Your reach has spread. I think you know that but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. Thanks.

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