grey linen sheets




This morning I was woken up by some break through pain.  I was struck (as usual) by the north western window light and luckily (not sure how much luck was really involved) there was a camera nearby.

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  1. thanks for opening up the comments again:)
    it’s true – the light in that room is Ridiculous. Gorgeous shots. Shameless pup. I love it.

  2. There is so much beauty in there to counterweight your pain. And still, I wish it was more than just a counterweight.

    All my best


  3. So YOU’RE the ones who have the New York apartment with the light in it. I lived in apartments all over the West Side, from 103rd/Broadway down to 10th/Bleecker, and not a ray to be found anywhere. Evidently you had them the whole time.

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