Half Way

Today marks the end of three weeks of treatment. Three more to go (starting with the dreaded chemo).

So far so good. AND I get a three day weekend!

Today, I’m pretty sure I can’t be stopped. I blew the doors off some roadie (do roadies have doors?) on the way back through the park. What I haven’t mentioned about the assless is that it goes down hill like a bobsled on fire. Without a seat it’s possible to get into a super-duper aero tuck.. (pictures soon, I promise). The bearings on those phil hubs make up for any disadvantage I have with those chubby tires. I was seven seconds behind at the top of the hill (yup, I counted.. for scientific purposes), and blew by her like she was a potted plant about three quarters of the way down. In fairness, I’m pretty sure she had no idea she was racing.. but hopefully when I flew by like a seatless idiot with my ass practically being burnished by the rear wheel, I gave her something to chuckle about.

Joking aside, I’m feeling much more energetic than yesterday, and today I think I’ll stick to advil for the discomfort, so I don’t get all drowsy. I’ve got tubes to bend!!

EDIT: added at 8:30 friday evening.  As promised! SUPER DUPER AERO TUCK!!!

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  1. something about words like chubby and tires made me laugh so hard. don’t ask me why. i mean, you could have said thick, fat, big, oversized, whatever. but chubby.


    my mom’s chubby, my dad’s chubby, even ma dawg’s chubby.

    did you slip me some codeine??

  2. man o man, do i love me some harlem hill ridin’ in da park! you can get up a serious head o’ steam there. but ezra, again, watch out for your junk! you’re cuttin’ it kinda close. for real!

  3. dear erza,

    you’re insane.

    p.s. cancer has a reason to fear you, and it is enlightening to see someone take it by the balls(!?) and lead the charge to overcome. and thank you for your inspirations and additions within the cycling world, they are refreshing sights on a daily basis.

  4. You just have to watch out for the raised manhole cover in the far right lane coming down around turn #2 there by the pool. Even with the Schwalbes, that could do some damage. Especially in that tuck!

    Glad to hear things are going well with the treatment=]

  5. EINA… ( ouch in Afrikaans ) what a picture!!!

    We can smell the rubber burning all the way over here in Batheaston right now…

    Did a 12 miler yesterday morning ( in preparation of the Chippenham Half
    Marathon on Sept. 14th ) and laughed all the way ’round just thinking of you and the “Assless Wonder”

    VASBYT Ezra!!!

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