happy halloween

Putney made my costume.  I didn’t help her at all.  Really.  I think it’s very clever.  Wish I’d thought of it.

Tomorrow is the NYC marathon, and the very first Sunday breakfast ride that will be attended by more than just me and Hill.  NICE!  We’ll be leaving from my house around 8:30.  Email me for instructions if you haven’t been here before..  and probably email to let me know you’re coming so we don’t leave without you!  So far it’ll be: me, Hill, Panda, Joy, Chris, my mom (all riding fast boys!), Georges, Marian, Missy and Ashton.

I should explain my intent for these rides.  Mostly they’ll be about the breakfast, whether that’s as a destination ride to some great breakfast spot, or a loop that winds up back at the VT house.  I don’t really imagine them as exercise rides as much as just calm Sunday outings..  that hopefully lead us to nice places.  Tomorrow we’ll ride up through harlem to the cloisters, and then on to Inwood park and back via the bike path.  Just to take the air (we may swing out to the middle of the GWB just to show FPKK the view).  Short ride ending up with some huevos rancheros back at my place.  So for those of you who feel anxious about going out with us.. don’t worry.  It’ll be mellow and slow.  For those of you hoping for a trainging ride..  This thing will add more calories than it burns.

Be in touch if you want to join in.

EDIT:  OH! and remember to set your clocks back.  You get an extra hour in the morning..  You can show up here at 7:30 if you WANT, but you’ll be waiting around for a bit.

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  1. Was busy getting some work done on my laptop at a friends place, when i thought I’d pop in here and see how you’re doing. I saw the last entry’s photo and laughed out loud. Just fucking brilliant! Your attitude man…its your attitude. Love how serious you look with that hat too. I would love to join the ride…but am across the ocean, some place far far away. Keep up the attitude.

  2. Love the costume! Brilliant Putney. I’m happy that you are doing so well. I think you are so brave and strong. I hope you enjoyed the ride. Peace, and don’t forget to vote.

  3. MAN, I’m glad to hear you’re riding! The assless bike, perhaps? And huevos rancheros!?! I love those. I get ’em everytime at la hacienda!

    Wish I could’ve been on that ride with you- show some solidarity. One day I’ll be zippin’ along on a fast boy thanking God you beat cancer and you’re still making the most beautiful bikes on earth.

    Praying and rooting for you in High Point, NC

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