he heee!

Still here.

Tuesday went fine.  I felt pretty good when I woke up.  Maybe because I had been spared that first night of 5fu.  I went to the office.  Got plugged in.  Got chemo-ed.  Made it home.  Cooked some pasta a la carbonara and went to bed.  The pump dripped 5fu all night as it should have been the night before.

Wednesday I made my way into the office and got unplugged.  I wasn’t feeling tremendous.  I went straight home afterward to rest.  At some point in the afternoon, I had an episode that reminded me a lot of a mini version of the seizure that I had two years ago.  I lay down on the bed and was suddenly aware of a pounding chest.  “huh.  I’ve felt this before,” I thought.  “Maybe I should call my mom and let her know that I’m about to have a seizure!”  I then fell back into my head and blacked out a little.  I tried to fight it by sitting up.  The room swirled.  My vision went and came back again.  I felt a little nauseous.  I didn’t move.  It passed.  “Shit.  I’m going to have to report this,” I thought, knowing that they’d probably want to put me in a tube and scan me or something.  My doc, however was satisfied to see me the next morning.

Thursday, I woke up feeling fine-ish.  Went in to the office (4th bloody day in a row now!!), and got an EKG (?).  Doc decided that this had been a vasovagal syncope (easy for you to say!), and not a seizure in fact.  Oh good.  I went to the pool hall for the rest of the day.  Made it home without getting lost in any parks, or puking in public.

Yesterday, I had the best intentions (of going straight back to the pool hall!!), but nothing ever really happened. My get up and go wasn’t.  I put a few new pictures on etsy.  This stuff goes in waves.  Some days go well, and then strangely on a day that you should feel even better, you just don’t.  My stomach was in knots yesterday, and towards the end of the day started producing..  well, never mind.

I made lamb chops for dinner.  Because, really, there’s nothing better.

(I think Batali’s approach is great!  Make a dry rub of fresh mint, lemon zest, sugar (!?), salt and pepper, all zizzed up in a food processor.  Rub the chops and let them sit as long as you’ve got the patience.  An hour works, overnight is amazing!  Grill or pan fry the chops and don’t overcook. Let them rest a moment before you serve.)

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  1. William and me too!! Just a hint Ez but I am going to be in NY from late tonight for a week…kidding re the dinner (well kind of….) but if you are at all in the mood it would be great to see you, even if just for a few minutes, during that time.

  2. I’ve heard that “vasovagal syncope” is latin talk for “we don’t know why the hell you fainted”. Glad they aren’t concerned yours was something worse.

  3. my daughter had a nurse that came to her house and removed the chemo bag she wore for 24 hours..any chance you can have that done????? Janene

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