He heeeeee!

I ate dinner last night! Billy and Hill made me some wild rice and steelhead trout. It went down just fine. I woke up feeling better than I have in DAYS. I got on my new bike and rode to radiation at 7:20 or so. This will be my new routine. Up in the morning, cup of coffee, and right on the bike. It’s such a nice time of day in the city. Here’s the route..

I’ve never ridden such a tiring 6 miles. Those of you who ride bikes, try doing your commute entirely out of the saddle today! My brother tried it the other day.. a little way in he said “f- this..” and sat back down. I’m definitely going to need to raise the gear ratio. Spinning out of the saddle isn’t really the way to go. I’ll get it dialed in, though. Sure beats walking! YAY bikes!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here. I plan to get a little work done in the shop. I’ve got a nice long nap with Putney scheduled for early afternoon. In the evening I’ll ride to the supermarket and get some groceries.. cook Hill a nice dinner. I think it’s going to be a good day.

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  1. Thanks for map – Hate to admit it but I hav never been to New York…(shameful, isn’t it???) Anyway, I liked the visual –

    Here’s to a great day for Ezra!

  2. So great to hear you’re feeling better! And the bike looks super cool. Enjoy the day! Wish I could join you on that trip to Fairway.

  3. I can’t even imagine riding 6 miles in the city without being able to sit down. Hell, I can’t imagine riding 6 miles on a bike in the city WITH a seat! So good to hear you’re feeling better.

  4. you’re astounding, ezra. the assless is amazing. new asphalt on morningside should make around-the-block testing a lot easier. take care, feel well.

  5. This improved my day about a thousandfold.

    Chemo-vacation is pretty wonderful, isn’t it?

    Keep enjoying the being-able-to-eat, take lots of long naps, and enjoy the gorgeous weather. (Sure beats that rainstorm from a few days back, eh?)

    I can’t believe you’re on the bike. That is incredible. And continuing to do it will probably make you feel a little better; 😀

    I am so happy. Keep it up.

  6. well, all right! fantastic that you’re feeling better today! and now you get a break for a week!

    i don’t have a bike .. i’m going to have to try driving six miles without sitting 🙂

    and i still say the assless bike is gorgeous. without the seat post, the lines are just beautiful. nice job. great build!

  7. HA! I had the best of intentions.. but haven’t really managed to get my ass out of bed since getting home. Oh well.. They DID say I’d be tired.

  8. Hey Ezra, glad to hear you’re feeling better. Is the bike a fixie? Seems like it would coasting every once in a while would be necessary with no ability to sit.

    Just curious, Doug

  9. Longtime follower (flickr and this blog), first time poster here.
    Really glad to see you’re doing better today, and especially to see that you’re taking this bastard fighting, instead of lying down. Keep it up, sir!

    Oh, and that assless bike? Awesome.

  10. Nice job with the assless bike. You’re amazing! I can feel your thighs burning up here in Maine. I’m glad you can eat again. Food is good in more ways than one.
    Enjoy those naps.

  11. Oh, I’m so glad you could eat! I’ll try riding assless tomorrow. Can you coast? Tell me it’s not fixed.

  12. hey….awesome..if you can torch out a fork or frame…so I guess you’ve got a framework for this tough ride..wishing you a soft seat going forward…really i’m awed by your velocity of the Ezra mind which is one place to work/sustain control of design…all our family wishing you great strength….be well soon!

  13. This is totally random but I finally figured out who you look like –

    Jemaine Clement from “Flight of the Concords”

    Think so???
    Hope you have another good day ~

  14. Nice assless bike.

    Your new commute is pretty close to the commute I have been doing for the last five years (145th and Bradhurst to the Met). I find Manhattan to 108th to CPW to 90th to the west side of the park drive to be a bit more pleasant than riding down 5th ave. Fewer buses and less congestion/pollution. Crossing the park is a bit dodgy as you either have to take the traverse or flaunt the markings and ride on the pedestrian path.

    The ride home is a dream. I love the descent down the park drive to the Harlem Meer.

    Good luck with the treatment. My grandmother pulled through similar treatment this spring and is now cancer free and back to her old self. I have all confidence that you will follow a similar path.

  15. Hey, Ezra: Just came across your blog. Keep up the good fight, man. There are a lot of us out here pulling for you. Wild new bike, btw. Have you considered getting into recumbents? There are a shit load of cool designs out these days. Maybe you could make up a hot new model!

    Hang tough, brother!


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