I apologize for the silence.

It’s been a busy few weeks.  After considerable deliberation I decided to switch doctors.  This has really been a long time coming, but trickier to implement than I could have imagined.  Most of the complication came from the fact that my doctor is a family friend and a guy who’s known me since I was just 4.  At the outset, this was a godsend.  A familiar face that I could simply put my trust in and get started with treatment.  But over the last 3 and a half years, as my case has gotten more and more complicated, there were some personality issues that made working with him progressively harder.  I don’t care to enumerate the issues here, because he remains a close friend.  I HAVE let him go, however, and just got back from my final appointment with him.

We agreed that a final Pet/ct would be appropriate, and today I went in for the results.

The highlights from the report are:

Presacral mass has decreased in size and has lower uptake.
Is now 1.5 cm X 3.3 cm, down from 2.0 X 4.7
SUV is 2.3 down from 2.7  “just minimally hypermetabolic”

There is a 4x5mm nodule in the lung that in retrospect was present before, but too small to mention.
Now big enough to mention.  It has no uptake..   BUT the report does mention that it is too small to be able to characterize with any certainty.
Bert (ex-doc) was not upset about this, though the radiologist took the time to call him about it.

Clearly having a new doc’s eyes on it will be helpful.

The news never seems to be simply GOOD.  But all things considered this is a good report.  This makes three PETs in a row that show the mass getting smaller and less active, which lends weight to the theory that it is simply post surgical tissue resolving.. slooooowly.  Instead of the possibility that this might, in fact, be a tumor.

OK.  gotta make some phone calls

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  1. Great news! I could tell from other post you and your family doctor would butt heads. Hope you like the new guy and thanks for the update.

  2. Always happy to check the page and see there’s a new entry! Glad that you got a good report and hope your new doctor will be a good fit for you. xoxo!

  3. Good news! I’m sure you didn’t take this decision lightly. Here’s hoping the new doc meets ALL your needs!

  4. If I learned anything from accompanying my mother on her cancer journey it is that you MUST advocate for yourself. Period. You did the right thing. Enjoy the sunshine.

  5. That does sound like good news even if it’s not stupendous news. I second what others have said here. Changing docs sounds like a good thing. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber lately including his book Anti-Cancer. If you haven’t heard of him you might want to check him out.

    Here’s to continued shrinkage.

  6. Wishing you the best! It sounds as if you have done the right thing for yourself, getting a new doctor and being your best advocate!!

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