Summer has been going well.

I had a colonoscopy/endoscopic ultrasound about a week ago, and I’m clean as a whistle!  No cancer to be found.  While this had been the assumption, it is a great relief to have it confirmed.  My recovery from the Chemo drugs is moving apace.  There is little question that I’m tired.  Not quite back to my pre-cancer levels of energy.  My hands no longer tingle..  but my feet do.  All the time.  Just borderline numbness.  Weird.  I’ve been playing a fair amount of handball, and some tennis.  It feels great to have the energy for such things, but my joints are all achy.  I assume that this is a combination of being generally out of shape, and having my immune system working at lower than normal levels.  All in all, it’s a great life!  No more constant office visits and nose bleeds and nausea and blood drawing etc..

Hill and I have been married now for almost two months.  How cool.  She jumped through all of the necessary hoops to officially become Hillary CALDWELL.  Wow.  It took three or four trips to the courthouse for various document signings and filings (one of which I needed to be present for), and she had to publish her intent to change her name in the Irish Echo.  Who knew!?  I guess anyone who has changed their name.  She starts school full time at the end of the month.  Very exciting.  She has arranged for me to be on her school health insurance!  I’m embarrassed to even say how much this will save us..  My current insurance went up to $1500 a month at the beginning of august.  That is criminal, of course.

I’m madly building bikes.  Currently working on Glen’s second.  He and Hedi are in town shooting the whole process on 16mm film.

This coming Saturday, and Saturday the 22nd, I will be showing bikes along with some other NYC area manufacturers along the bike route for Summer Streets!  Info .  I will be down in Soho between Kenmare and Spring, on Cleveland Place/Lafayette (Very near the corner deli, which I think has the very finest tacos in town!).  Patagonia has been kind enough to loan me their tent for the two saturdays.  I’ll have four or five bikes with me, and possibly for the 8th (definitely for the 22nd), T-shirts!!  The very first official fast boy t-shirt. 

It is a Litho print by my ridiculously talented high school friend Hibiki M.  These will be for sale on the website as soon as they arrive, for those of you who aren’t in NYC.

That’s all for now.  See you on Saturday.

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  1. Why didn’t i just wait a week to come up for Summer streets? Oh well, it was fun nonetheless. The extremely wet ride through central park to Moma ended up being one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done.

  2. Wow! $1500 a month. I am very thankful I live on the north side of the border. I lopped off half a thumb last summer with table saw. I had 2 surgeries, leaches and 4 nights in the hospital. Never cost me a dime, sure our taxes are higher but that’s fine with me.

    Good to hear you are on the mend.

  3. Ezra, don’t know if you remember me but I studied with you at Bretton Hall in the UK.
    Its seems like you have had a rough time recently, but I am pleased to see that things are much brighter now.

  4. hey, big congrats on the clean bill of health and post wedding happiness!

    p.s., hope that print translates on the t-shirt! ;^)

  5. Friends, can you maybe asssit me? A friend of mine is considering buying themselves a new CBR 1000 as their first bike! They have never rode anything else before! I did say this is definitely not a very good idea for the first one, but they are adamant! What do you rekon, is this ok and would you then just recommend good lessons?

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