I think I might be pregnant.

I’ve woken up feeling pretty queasy the last two mornings.  This morning I even spent a little face time with the toilet.  Yuck.  I’m having coffee now..  I think it was the secret to yesterday morning’s cure.  In fact, I’m only a few sips in, but already feeling much better.

Got home from treatment much earlier yesterday than the day before.  Went and got some rattle cans from the auto-body store so I could throw a little protection on the assless frame.  I debated this a little..  to send it to my painter or do it quick and dirty.  It’s an experiment, and I want to get riding!  So.   If it turns out that I nailed the geometry and there’s no reason to make another, I’ll put a headbadge on and send it off for the real thing.

The parts have started to trickle in.  I’m pretty excited.  Pictures soon..  I want to wait ’til it’s all here.

I DID get out to the shop yesterday and finish up the fork.

I think I heard Hill’s alarm a moment ago.  I’m off to make her coffee.

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  1. Yeah, I thought morning sickness may be the only way I could relate at all to what you feel like……glad you are able to shake it off with some coffee…….I never did try that. You are such a super guy to keep making your fair lady’s coffee. : ) Looking forward to your pics!

  2. Nausea with chemo happens, and it isn’t something you get used to. Ask your docs if they can give you something (and if your insurance’ll cover it, and if it’ll make you so sleepy that it’s not worth it [Compazine’ll do that sometimes]).

    I can barely believe that you’re still planning on biking, let alone making your wife’s coffee. That, right there, is epic. You [b]win[/b].

    Keep the awesomeness up! And tell the medical staff everything. The sooner they know that you’re nauseous, the sooner you can get your face out of the toilet. Good times. 😀

    And never underestimate coffee, toast, Tums, and a good night’s rest.

  3. Can’t wait to see the assless bike up and running, and I’m sure you can’t wait to spend some time rolling through the streets again as well. Will it be fixed?

    Heal fast.

  4. Thanks all.
    I’m back home. Didn’t take the computer with me today.
    Been feeling pretty lousy all day. Ugh. This whole chemo thing isn’t as fun as it sounds.

    Leah- Yeah.. They’re giving me Kytril. They drip it during chemo sessions, and have given me pills to take home. Doesn’t really seem to be touching it (what do I know? Without it, I could be feeling TERRIBLE)

    Bob, John.. Going to take a quick nap, and then see if I can get out to the shop and paint that thing up!

    Dave. This one won’t be fixed. I feel like fixed with no seat could be REALLY exhausting. I think I’ll spend most of my time just coasting on this thing. (listening to the sweet sound of that donated whit ind freewheel)

  5. You go Ez. Nothing like turning a blog on this subject into a bike building blog. You show that big nasty C word!!!!

  6. I feel your pain…not that I have cancer, but I deal with puking more or less on a monthly basis due to migraines (fun fun fun). I’ve learned that ginger ale and saltines work pretty well (ginger does wonders for nausea). If you like your ginger ale a little spicy look for Blenheim’s…and if it’s too spicy a squeeze of lemon or lime will even it out.

    Or you can get ginger pills…these work just as well. take care.

  7. Kytril’s pretty standard for chemo-nausea drugs. It’s more well-tolerated than the drug I mentioned before (compazine), though, so woohoo for that….

    hope all’s well, and I hope you know how much I love your blog already =D

    keep kicking ass(less)!

    and as eunice said, ginger = awesome for stomachs. I’m a fan of ginger tea; I find that ginger ale doesn’t have much actual ginger in it.

  8. “Nothing like turning a blog on this subject into a bike building blog.” hahahaaa!! go man go!!!! ol’ ez is gonna kick this things ass and be back to buildin’ his badass whips full time doublequick!

  9. in recent months you’ve managed to bring a tear to my eye…
    The first time was when I came across your comment in my blog back in April just days after I’d run the London Marathon.
    A voice from the past indeed and isn’t it so often the case that the least expected of surprises are the ones that leave the deepest impression?
    THANK YOU Ezra… you made my day!

    Now in turn your blog and at first glance I was convinced that the handsome young fella looking out at me through the frame of the bike was Clark Kent – when in truth after reading through the rest of your posts, I realised it was in fact Superman afterall. Heroic stuff your “assless bike” Ezra and may we wish you every success with the outcome of it’s design!

    However as a means to getting out and about don’t rule out long distance running as an alternative?

    Just 10 minutes before I was scheduled for some hill training last Sunday, I received your mom’s email with the news of your diagnosis; and so it was with you in the forefront of my mind and the bit firmly between my teeth – that I set off on my run with great determination.
    9.25 miles later and I’d managed to complete the course in just under 1 hour 45mins – I was pleased. Small potatoes I know, but since running London I’d somehow lost the motivation and single-minded approach which got me through the 26.2 mile monster in the first instance.
    What better incentive then for New York – to discover that your mom and Ed are planning to become Harlemites – just 2 blocks up from you guys – with a wonderful gathering planned for after the marathon… and the added bonus of you either cooking or directing operations from a comfy spot.

    Roll on Sunday 2nd November and the finish line in Central Park – see you there!

    Granny Bekker, Nigel, Richard, Andrew et al join me in wishing you a speedy return to good health.

    With love and sala kahle ( Zulu for stay well )
    Laura – your veteran “aunt” from Bath in England.

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