I understand there was a little mischief.

Megan told me that I wasn’t allowed to visit the blog yesterday.  I complied.  I’m back now and it looks as though nothing has changed..  I feel quite sure that something sneaky is going on!

The endoscopy went fine.  The drugs were good.  i woke up while he was doing the biopsies, and got to watch..  whoa.  Weird.  Seeing forceps grabbing chunks of stuff, and being able to feel it, but not caring a bit. Straaaange.

The bad news is:  He assured me before the procedure (and after) that I WOULD be needing surgery.  Clearly I have docs on different pages.  I will need lots more information.

The good news is:  Well..  I don’t really have anything definitive yet.  I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 11:00 (just as Hill is having her second interview with trans-alt.  NICE!) to discuss the biopsy results.  The doc did note in the report that the tumor had shrunk and therefore seems to have responded to the chemo and radiation.

More tomorrow in the early afternoon.

It looks as though we will be leaving town on friday to head up to N.S.  It’s much needed, and will be a terrific relief to get there.

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  1. Hi Ezra.. talked to Hillary the other day while she was making some delicious-sounding cookies (your favorite kind). I am so glad you two will be able to take a vacation. Have an awesome time. If you remember, tell Hill congrats on the second interview. “The Barack Obama” of the candidates.. hilarious. Take care, have a great time in NS.

  2. We’re here praying for you every morning, and night, and quite often in between! Such great news that Hillary will have a second interview! Can’t wait for the good news about her start date!!!! Am glad, too, that you’ll “get out of dodge” on Friday. You’ve been through so much, it will be a relief to know that you are where you want to be, with the people you want to be with, doing the things you want to do.

    -j, r, s & z

  3. “Responded” to the chemo and radiation. What a lovely, delicate, family friendly way of saying it. As in, the tumor “responded” to the chemo and radiation like a small, weeping girl-child.

  4. have you thought about a second surgical opinion? Two out of three may feel better …

    I hated dealing with 3 docs (surgeon, radio-onc, and medical-onc). They hardly talked to each other and each one had different advice and separate prognoses. After my treatments, all three wanted to see me in intervals. They ordered the same labs and did the same scans and exams. It was a lot of redundant time, money, blood and photons. I eventually told them I was going to see only one doc (one copay!). I promised to send ONE set of labs and images to them all.

    I’ll put you in a mental pink bubble tomorrow at 11 – for you and Hillary both. let’s hope your luck is like the weather tomorrow morning, perfect windy fall weather. then you can spend the evening snuggled up with your girls watching the rain clean the city. good luck you two!

  5. It’s not at all the same thing, but I once had some mole things cut off my arms under local anaesthetic. They told me to look at the ceiling and think pleasant thoughts. The nurse chatted to me to try to keep me distracted.

    I couldn’t help but peek down. To see gaping holes in your arm and a doc tugging away on the thread stitching you back together, and being aware of the tugging sensation elsewhere on your arm (but not being in any pain whatsoever) really is quite surreal.

    Drugs are great, aren’t they?

  6. thinking of you, glad to hear the good news about the shrinkage, have a great time in NS and I look forward to all the great photos to follow.

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