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A couple of weeks ago, the nice folks at were generous enough to do a little piece on me and the assless bike. Tyler Benedict, the editor, followed it up with a phone interview that is currently airing on their podcast. I managed to make it through the iterview without swearing, and only took the lord’s name in vain once, which is quite a feat for a Vermont hick (by jeeze)..

Yesterday I rode my bike in to the doc’s office to get the pump taken off.  Another round down. Just three more to go.  Serious count down mode now.  The weather is really starting to give us hints that spring is coming.   Fickle though.  It’s gorgeous and sunny right now, but they’re promising rain this afternoon.  All told, though, it’s improving my outlook a ton AND reducing the weird neuropathy symptoms.  I still have to wear gloves outside to keep from tingling, while everyone else is running around in t-shirts, but at least now the gloves are WORKING!

The BIG news is that Hill and I have set a date.  We’re going to get married on June 7th in Nova Scotia.  I’d love to invite you all, but there’s only so much room on the island.  We’re going to do it quite small.  Immediate family and a few friends.  Glen Hansard, Sam Amidon, and my brother Thomas will be doing the music.  I’ll be doing the cooking (with help from my trigger men, Billy and lil’ bro Sam).  We WILL, however be having a party shortly after, here in NYC..  sort of an extended reception..  You ARE all invited to that.  I mean it.  Anyone who can make it.  Date TBD.

The orders are rolling in.  Spring is here, and folks realize that they’re going to need bikes.  Nice ones. (so get your order in soon if you want to ride it before the end of the summer!)

That’s it.



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  1. hey, congrats on the bike mention and that’s good news about your treatment! if i could, i would send the wonderful southern warmth your way…and your wedding sounds perfect.

  2. Delurking to say, “Wow! You mean Glen Hansard of Once fame?” That’s super cool! And a wedding in Nova Scotia will be beautiful. It’s sounds perfect. Always glad to know you’re hanging in there! Must go listen to the podcast. Cheers!

  3. Wow… Contrats on the wedding date. Super exciting.

    A party ?? What a great reason for me to take a trip to NYC!!

    Glad you are doing. So glad to read an update.

  4. awesome daughter has been fighting colorectal cancer since Feb 08..she is 44 now….stage 4 cancer…going through the same treatments you have be going through plus the colostomy…..the cancer did spread to the lungs and the tumors haven’t been responding to the treatments, so different poison since Dec..the 24 hour take home drip after a 3 hour round of chemo every two weeks..she is back at work after a year off, had to go back or get fired…she is doing well, seems to be back to herself almost….Spring is here, you are here and she is here…what a roller coaster year it has been….reading about your hands made me laugh..Tonja had to wear gloves after her first treatment..she was warned at her first treatment..wear the gloves, go outside and enjoy the moment….Spring is here, a time of rejoicing!!!! I will spend another Mother’s Day with my daughter…hurray!!!

    congrags on your wedding…I have been waiting to read if you have set the date…you have, life goes on…..thumbs up to you……Janene

  5. Sounds like you’re in a really great place mentally, physically, the whole bit. I am so happy for you! Keep on with that count down and know that there’s a fellow CRC vet pulling for you in Madtown. 🙂

  6. ah you are welcome to Glen but send him back to the UK and Ireland when you’re done, we miss him over here! I couldn’t be happier for you that he agreed to sing x

  7. Congratulations (to you and Hillary) about setting the date and for your interview. Here’s to countdown mode and the great times ahead. Take care, a.

  8. Congratulations on setting the date 🙂 I’m really looking forward to living vicariously through the photographs over on flickr. Also, I almost fell off my seat when I read Glen Hansard. Wow!

  9. Ezra

    Glad to hear the treatments are progressing well. Here spring is occassionally present but the trees are starting to flower and I just had to mow for the first time. Spring will be all the sweeter for you and Hill, congratulations. Allez my firend hang in there.


  10. I randomly found your site. I just finished treatment for ovarian cancer for the second time. I ride bikes often.

    I’ve got neuropathy in my feet. It isn’t too bad but I don’t think I’ll be taking my socks off for a while.

    You are awesome. And your legs must be super strong from riding with no seat, holy shit. I’m going to link you and follow your posts. Congrats on the wedding. I just got married while I was in treatment. It was awesome.

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