In VT. Safe and sound.


Woke up yesterday morning bright and early to put the second batch of pill flasks up for sale..   There were an awful lot of you up with me.  It was kind of fun!  I’m sorry that I made so few.  I really misjudged how much interest there would be.  When I head back down to NYC after this little break in VT, my brother Zach will be coming with me to spend 3 or 4 days learning a little about metal work.  Since I’ve already made the tooling, and since Zach and I have a history of being able to work together in a pretty efficient way, I think I MAY put him to work and the two of us will turn out another batch.  I made 4 feet worth last time..  Maybe I’ll make 8 feet worth this time and then we’ll move on to something else!   I’m really pleased that you guys like them so much.  And I’m very sorry to those of you who woke up so early in the morning and didn’t manage to get your order through the ether before they were gone..  (perhaps if you all were to just add a +1 comment on this post I’ll have an idea about what the actual interest is out there..  Not promising that I’ll make as many as are wanted..  just testing the water!)

So then!  I madly packed them all up in their flat rate boxes, and printed up shipping labels.  Did laundry, packed up cameras, packed up an entire duffel bag of medical supplies, got the bikes ready to go, walked over to the post office and dropped off all the outgoing mail!  Stopped at the drug store for a new toothbrush and some new 1.50 readers.  Zach had driven down from VT that morning to fetch us, so we threw everything in the car, stopped at fairway on the way out of town for some 21 day dry aged rib eye steak, and hit the road!

We had a wonderful VT summer dinner last night.  Steak, fennel salad, beautiful VT tomatoes with basil from the garden, and new potatoes boiled up and tossed with butter and dill.  Hard to beat.  My best old friends Matt and Shams Helminski came over for dinner, and summer vacation officially started!  (Matt is here with his son Liam all the way from Japan.  He’ll come down a little later in the month and spend some time with me in the city as well).

Today is wide open!   We’ll put the bikes together..  we’ll go and pick blueberries..  This evening my great friend Todd Miller (the PT from VT who was present on the ride when I wrecked my ACL, AND the ride where I broke my arm) will swing by and he and I will hop on bikes and test out some single track that Zach and Gunnar have made in the woods behind the house.  I’m pretty excited.  I haven’t exerted myself since I broke my arm.   A lot has changed in my my body since then.  It’ll be very interesting to see how the old body does.  But I have a good feeling about it.  I’m going to take it VERY easy.  I promise not to fall.

Guys!  I’m happy.  I’m on vacation with the one I love.  I’m with family and close friends.  It’s summer in Vermont and the weather is perfect.  I’m supposed to be dead, but I FEEL great.  In the hospital a month or so ago they said “weeks to months.”  I don’t think so.   With the pain under control, and the little boost of energy I’m getting from steroids, I think my body is making a come back.  The surgeries and the chemo that I had almost certainly DID save my life.  But now..  my body is going to fend for itself, and I think it’s going to exceed expectation.   If I was superstitious I might think that was a stupid thing to write down, but I’m not, so there you go.

I’m going to go load some film in a camera and head out to enjoy VT.

I love you all.  I appreciate you following this story and I feel like we’re just getting to the fun part!


Fast Boy OUT!

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  1. So much joy brimming from this post. Wonderful, wonderful to hear. Enjoy the beauty of Vermont and your time with friends and fam! <3

  2. Enjoy every moment you feel good in your body… and have some great rides. I’m among the ones that would love to buy a flask.

  3. Incredible post, keep thriving Ezra, xo As for “INTERESTED?” in the pill flasks??!!!! Yes, yes, when you return, if you wish to make more, I’ll use my punch drunk digits and see if I can get one from cart to purchase this time, bleary eyed at whatever hour. Bike, dance, do as you feel….love to you and Hill, keep an eye out for Yogi and Boo boo, happy blueberry bliss day to you!

  4. Oh my. Plus one for sure on the flasks, but I want to say that I’m sobered by what you’ve shared about the time involved. You are showing us, by example, how to value one’s time, how to focus on what matters, how to get the most out of every day. While I would love to have one of your beautiful handmade items I feel selfish in asking. You don’t owe us anything and should spend your time doing whatever brings you the most happiness.

    To read of you enjoying wonderful meals, visits w/ friends, bike rides, and feeling generally well, is truly wonderful. Have a great ride today (w/ no new broken bones!) 🙂

  5. all kinds of beautiful, happy, HELL YAH and WOOHOO! have fun ez and hill and putney and family and friends and woods and trails and flowers and bees and camera and bikes. ENJOY xo

  6. I was up at 4am (PST) with you AND the previous afternoon. It was fun, despite the hour. So, put me down for a +1.

    SO glad to hear you so HAPPY. Enjoy Vermont and spending quality vacation time with the ones you love.

  7. Love you, Ezra. I am tearful in such a joyous way. Every single day you make the world a better place. You really, really do. And +1 for me too. DO what you you need to do and want to do. I know you will enjoy this vacation and make it beautiful. Lots of love from Wisconsin!! xoxoxo

  8. okay, now you’ve got me feeling GREAT too! this was great news to read 🙂
    The pill flasks are beautiful; but what my heart is still hoping that there is a set of full 700c fenders out there for me – a girl can dream.

    enjoy VT!!!

  9. i believe that your body will perform beyond expectations! and your spirit too

    with a little help, i believe your body could turn things around and soar!!

  10. Ezra, as always, your words both move and inspire me. Your posts always remind me to be present in everything I do, and how grateful I am for the beauty and love in this amazing world. To echo another reader, I feel selfish putting down my +1. Just to reiterate, if it gives YOU joy and pleasure, by all means, have at it! If it becomes onerous and takes you away from the ones you love or wears your body out, skip it! We all love you and are sending you prayers, thoughts, and good wishes. To be honest, joining the queue on the first day and getting up early (PST) the second day left me with the same excitement I get when trying to sign up for races before they sell out.

  11. So glad you’re happy and on holiday, enjoy.
    Feel a bit of a fraud as it was no trouble at all to try and buy a flask, it was noon here on Mull and I just downed tools for 5 mins! Anyway, will definitely try for one if they come up again, so put me down as a +1
    In the meantime, I’m waiting eagerly for the postman to deliver the print I ordered last week.
    Best wishes and ‘big love’ Ezra ;0)

  12. Sounds fantastic! Sending you heartfelt wishes for a happy vacation. Enjoy yourselves. Ride a wheelie if you feel like it!
    +1 on a pill flask.

  13. +1 on the pill flask, though since they sold out in about 10 seconds (not even exaggerating!) I am not sure I have a chance at them no matter how many you make! As much as I’d love one, only make more if you’d have fun doing so…

    So great to hear that you are feeling so good lately.

  14. Just go on and show us how to love and enjoy life, you are doing GREAT. Thanks to you from the bottom of my little heart.

  15. I LOVE reading this post today. After a year off flickr, I hopped on yesterday, thinking about you in particular and wondering how you were doing, fingers crossed, hoping for the best. I felt heavy in heart yesterday after catching up on your blog because damn life is unfair, but today, your post was just so great. I was talking about you to my husband as we sat on the stoop last night and saying how inspiring it is to see someone who really knows how to live fully and embrace such challenges and change with courage. You are a really cool person and I just hope you have an amazing day, every day, picking mushrooms, talking to your wife, throwing the stick to your dog, organizing your photos or whatever is on your agenda. You rock.

  16. +1

    It puts a huge smile on my face that you are feeling so good with your lovely family and friends in a beautiful environment. What a gift.

  17. You know, bicycling is awesome. Even from behind my desk at work it allows me to find inspiring folks like yourself. Keep fighting the good fight, and count me in for a pill flask too.

  18. +1
    and BIG Love to you and all of your family and friends.
    Have a wonderful time in VT and thanks for the update.

  19. +1, but I agree with the others… as long as you’re making them because you want to and not just for us!

    All the love flying around on this post just made me all teary at work. You guys are the best.

    So glad you’re doing well, have an amazing time in VT, we love you!

  20. Yipeeee!!! Love you too, dear Ezra. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Im going to borrow some and try it out.


  21. Go have fun on that bike. Stick you nose in the air and smell the beautiful VT country side.
    Much love!
    Oh, and hell yeah +1 on the pLask. 🙂

  22. +1. I tried both sale times, getting up at 4am PST the second time, to no avail. Hope I can get one on next batch. Much love coming your way from Eugene, OR. Have a GREAT vacation! Jo

  23. I keep wanting to leave comments about every post you make, but EVERYTHING I have to say seems so paltry. But I’m listening every day and every day my life changes a little bit because of your words. That may seem like an overstatement, but it really isn’t.

    Was also struck this week by another brave account of someone sharing an overwhelming personal story: .

    Love to you and yours,

  24. I’m busting over here. I giggled ’til I got choked up.
    Best. Update. Ever.
    +1 for sure
    GO you manic maniac. I love it.

  25. +1 most definitely!
    Have a blast and savor every moment. Take lots of pictures as we all love what you see through the lens!

  26. +1 on the flask, echoing the caveat that it’s only if you are enjoying the work. Got one into the cart at 4AM but lost it on checkout- still fun to try 🙂

    Enjoy VT and the singletrack! I’m jealous.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of my niece the other day!


  27. So glad to read it Ez, your best post evere. Be strong, be happy. All my love and joy to you, Hill, Zach, Gunnar, Put and your incredible world.

  28. we got nothing but love & prayers to offer up for you & your beautiful familia.
    God blessed us to find you. Thank you, Ezra.

  29. Great to hear that you are “exceeding expectations,” that is the best you can ever do! Love that you are still putting up photos and new installments to the Blog.

  30. +1 for more pill flasks.
    I have only discovered your site recently by chance, the original link to the Fast Boy Cycles site was as result of one of your bike pictures catching my eye on a Google image search.
    I have read through much of your blog since discovering it, and I want to say you have been a source of real inspiration to me. And your story, your attitude towards life and your pursuits of your talents a prompt to myself to be more active in enjoying life by learning and actively applying efforts to make myself a better person. Which is, or at least should be, a never ending process through whatever time we happen to spend on this earth. I might have never taken the time to write this note, and you wouldn’t have known there was another person whose life you touched (from thousands of miles away, thanks to the power of the much maligned social media 🙂 in a very meaningful way. There are bound to be scores of others like me out there. I hope that at some level that can be a satisfying thought for you. Enjoy VT, I will try to get a pill flask at the next round of offering, if there should be one. Or at least get one of your photos, as I would very much enjoy some object as visual reminder of the experience of getting to know you and your story through your blog.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  31. Ezra, I just LOVE your story! Have a wonderful time on your summer vacation. I can feel the happiness in you!

  32. +1
    Hi Ezra,
    I feel honoured to follow your story….My husband and I were forced to accept the fiend that is cancer into our lives last Autumn, when he rocked up and turned our worlds upside down. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma.
    He stumbled upon your Fast Boy Cycles blog through his love of cycling and our relationship with Teaching Cancer to Cry began….
    Honest and grounded posts like yours have helped us both to still feel connected to our own generation during a time when its been easy to feel isolated. That, and the fact you make fab bikes and take great photos.

    The harsh chemo is over for us for now and energy levels are growing to allow us to enjoy life’s little pleasures again (good food and friendship) We’ve been told it will return “could be 6 months, could be 6 years” our consultant told us….Soooo, we’re learning the art of living in the now (not something I’ve ever been very good at!) I’ve got busy booking little trips away and my husband has taken up skateboarding again after a 23 year break, I’ve not seen him smile so hard for a long time.

    Have a fantastic trip with your loved ones and take some good photos for us!

  33. Like many others have said, I always look forward to reading your blog posts but refrain from commenting because what I really want to do is embrace you and thank you for the gift of sharing yourself with us. I am thrilled tonight to read of your happiness and joy with close friends and family in VT. To see you looking so well and to read of your energy and plans, I am convinced that you are absolutely right about exceeding expectations. And oh boy, fast boy, do I wish it for you and Hill! Have a wonderful time in VT and keep the good news coming. Enjoy those blueberries. 🙂
    Sending love from France!

  34. Have a very good time! Enjoy and smile! We’ll be waiting for you and for all your new creations!! Hugs

  35. Putney + You = All is right in the world.
    Happy to say the only time I’ve ever been there was with you and your family – so many years ago.
    Rage my friend! THRIVE & RAGE!!!

  36. Ezra! So glad to hear you’re up in VT with awesome folks! We were just there and it’s glorious right now. Much love to you and yours, and add me as a plus one on a pill flask.

  37. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said by others. But I must say I love you too! Soooo happy that you are feeling good! I cherish your survival and pray it lasts forever. Thank you, THANK YOU for sharing your life with us. Absolutely +1 for me! ENJOY!

  38. Such a happy post! I’m also enjoying a lovely bit of time away with my family and thought I’d check in to see how you are doing. What a smile this post brought!

  39. Alas–was up a half hour before the second flask sale–got my fingers flumoxed trying to bid right away, and seconds later, the flasks were all gone!. Definitely +1 item–make more!

    You look great! No chemo seems to work well for you. Live long and prosper!

  40. Have a great vacation, Ezra! If you’re inspired to make more flasks, you can definitely count me as a +1. Much love from Peter and me.

  41. +1 for me, too. +1 for many of your sold-out photos, also! I have watched your work and heard your journey for almost 3 years now…Even though we’re strangers, you’ve touched me. Okay, I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself… that’s what she said. Besides, you have a great eye!

  42. Sounds like you are well on the way to recovery. Enjoy the mountain biking and single track. Really enjoying following your story, you are an inspiration!

  43. Deffo a +1 So so glad you are getting the rest you all need and more so you are riding the Bikes !!!
    Have fun take lots of Photos and enjoy the vacation
    Dave J

  44. +1 for the health bullet
    I have to say that I don’t need the flask the way you do, but I really want something that reminds me of you and your art of living. Have a great time in VT, you deserve it!

    All the best,
    one german fast boy

  45. thanks, you are real pioneer and inspiration in the field of “pure living!”
    congrats you made it so far & congrats you made it so well.
    even if life is short – its always how you are living, and what impact your life has on others. enjoy the sun, the wind and the laughs with your loving friends.

    cheers from berlin/germany

    and a +1

  46. I’ve looked a bunch of places since the second sale ended, and there’s really nothing quite as sweet & cool as your flasks. Definitely +1.

    I hope this doesn’t seem totally weird, but if you want to increase output I’d be psyched to help for a few days. I don’t have lots of hands-on experience with metal lathing, but I understand it, and I’ve done similar work with other stuff that walks the line between function and design. And… jeez, I guess I’m handy!

    I’ve worked in comics for many years, and some of the best olde-timey creators brought in other artists to do grunt work. After he established himself, Al Capp, who did Li’l Abner, would do all the stuff that was unique to him — faces, expressions, concepts — but others handled panel frames, cutting paper, cleaning up, all that stuff….

    Ayway, probably a silly idea. But a genuine offer!

    Just keep doing what seems right to you. You clearly have that vibe figured. +1,000,000 on your post & plans.

  47. So great you are in VT.. Enjoy! And I will buy a pill flask if you make more! All the best – Love, Holly (aka Schmitz)

  48. Enjoy the ride…I just spent a week with Mike Flanigan, who said great things about you (of course). I would love a pill flask:-)

  49. I’m interested in everything you make. Also, you look very handsome in this photo. Yay for VT time and time with those peops. Wish I was with but sending you hugs.

  50. Ezra, please post this photo for sale! You look great. Enjoy Vermont. The here. The now. Crossing my fingers for a Lance Armstrong ending for you (minus the illegal doping)!


    xo from Seattle.

  51. Enjoy your Holiday bro.
    your description of food makes me hungry.
    Hardcore Veggie here.. but the way you describe steak and sausage makes me drool…

    Big hug from Germany.

    +1 for a Pill-bullet

  52. I’ve been following you since before the cancer on Flickr but I don’t think I’ve commented before. So glad to read this update! It’s no doubt your winning attitude that is keeping you on top. Keeping you in my thoughts and praying for the best for you.

  53. You’ve been an incredible inspiration to me for years, Ezra. I couldn’t thank you enough for sharing your experiences with us all.

    With love and +1.

  54. +1 been following you. Glad to hear that you’re doing well and there’s nothing like being with the one you love. cheers to you!!

  55. Ezra! There was so much joy and happiness in this post! So excited for you and your vacation, not to mention how you are feeling! Excited to be along on the ride!

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