It’s Alive!

I built it up this morning..  Bad rattle can paint job still a little sticky.  I was ready to ride, though.

This thing was made possible (and then some) by generous donations from Chris King, Phil Wood, White Indutries, and YOU!

I took it for a quick spin up to grant’s tomb.  Oh my word..  exhausting!  It’s very strange to ride.  I’m sure I’ll adjust.  I’m also sure that part of the exhaustion is just that I’m exhausted to begin with.  I’m still not getting any real food down.  So frustrating.  I’ve lost over 10 pounds since the beginning of this whole thing.  No chemo since friday, but the chemo fog is taking longer to clear than I expected.  Came home from my test ride, ate a piece of toast, and fell asleep for almost 4 hours.

I think I’ll head to the corner store and get some ginger ail.

Tomorrow treatment continues!  I’ll take off on the assless wonder at 7:15 in the morning for a blast of radiation.  Happily, I have two weeks off now from the chemo.

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  1. Ok, it’s a terrible period for you but you are always our FastBoy! The Wonder it’s fabulous and the picture perfect, as always. Ride on, Vai FastBoy e conta sul nostro sostegno!

  2. She’s /gorgeous/.

    Best of luck and best of vibes biking whilst irradiated. Radiation is TIRING, my dear.

    I can’t believe you did this. It’s weird, but I’m really proud of you. Keep it up.

  3. hi ezra, we’ve not met personally, but i check your flickr page regularly, and i was pretty broken up to hear about the news you recieved last month. i’m not really sure how to adequately express empathy through a blog, so suffice it to say that i’m thinking about you and have confidence that you’ll beat this. and the bike is gorgeous.

  4. wow, looks GREAT! i can see where it would be a bit exhausting, cancer treatments aside…….i like to rest now & again while riding……i pictured it w/ some kind of knee rests or something so you could take a load off & just roll along once in awhile, lol. Have fun with it!! I’m super happy for you.

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