It’s February

Hi there.  It’s monday on a treatment week, and I’m sitting in the office getting dripped.  Mondays are long.  I’ll be here for about 7 hours all told.  Plenty of time to do a little writing.

Last week was good.  Not quite as manically productive as several weeks ago (last time I wrote), but I did manage to get some work done.

I’ve decided to embed this blog in the Fast Boy Cycles site.  I hadn’t updated the ‘words’ section of the site for ages and have been majorly slacking on the blog.  It seems to me that, as I get better, and my focus shifts more and more from being a sick guy to being back in the shop, it only makes sense to have the blog shift focus as well.  For those of you who are more interested in cancer than bikes, I apologize.

The weather here in NYC has turned warm over the last few days.  What a thrill!  On saturday, Hill and her brother and I got out for a bit of a ride.  My first in quite a while.  One of the chemo drugs makes me SO cold sensitive that riding in sub 30 degree weather is out of the question.  But saturday was glorious..  I even rode a bike with an ass!  Weee!

When I think about Chemo, my stomach turns somersaults, and I shudder.  It occurs to me, that if I can have such a reaction to just the THOUGHT of it, there must be a pretty powerful psychological element to the whole thing.  So I’m trying to just talk myself out of feeling lousy.  Trying to talk myself out of feeling anything at all.  I think I may need to talk louder, though..

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  1. “For those of you who are more interested in cancer than bikes, I apologize.”

    I had to laugh… I mean I did laugh, out loud and all. You know I’m not that in to bikes and yet I just can’t wait to hear more about them : )

  2. maybe you can do that weird thing where you hover above yourself and look down and go ‘so who’s that handsome bald guy sitting there with stuff oozing through a port into his chest.’ and then go hover somewhere else. 🙂

  3. Glad to see that your mood and your focus and your blog are shifting towards healthier, happier times. Do you know about the Times Up Valentines Day ride?

  4. I’m not exactly a bike enthusiast, but anything about a transition to being back in the shop again is wonderful news to me! I look forward to more beautiful photos of lugs and seat clusters!

  5. i had this one shirt that i would always wear to chemo. i couldn’t even look at it without a huge urge to hurl. i had to throw it out last year. after 6 years you woulud think that feeling would go away, but it didn’t.

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