it’s Friday

It has been a good week.

Morning rides to radiation have been a joy. Each day I get a little more used to that strange bike. Every day on the way home I pass lasker pool in central park and think about just how inviting it looks. Yesterday I stopped and talked with one of the parks people working there.. lap swim every morning from7-8:30. The place is almost entirely empty. It’s free. Just bring a pad lock and a bathing suit. NICE! Next week, I’ll be stopping in for a dip on my way home from treatment each day. What a nice way to get started.

Tomorrow is going to be fun! My brother Zach flies in from B.C. at 5:30 in the morning. I’m going to put some coffee in him, and throw him on a bike. We’ll be aiming to leave my house at around 8:00. We’ll noodle our way down through the park, and down park ave to SOHO. Hill is going to be working a Trans-Alt table at Lafayette and Spring. Those of you who live downtown or in BKLYN or don’t like getting up super early, please meet us at the Trans-Alt tent. We’ll hang out there with Hill for a while and see who we can accumulate for the ride back uptown.


Hook up with us:

-At my house at 8:00 (email me for directions if you don’t know where I am.. and maybe to let me know to wait for you).

-Anywhere along the route 8-9ish (we’ll ride down the central park loop to 72nd and then across to park ave and down).

-At the Trans Alt table at Spring and Lafayette between 9 and 10.


We’ll be easy to spot. I’ll be the guy on the Assless bike.

Maybe we’ll finish up somewhere in Central Park for some frisbee or something.. Or maybe I’ll go home and take a nap.

THEN! Later on. Come to my brother’s show (different brother) at the poisson rouge. It really is going to be an amazing show. They’re finishing with a piece that Nico Muhly wrote for Sam Amidon that they premiered last year at Carnegie Hall. Hill and I were there. It was jaw-dropping. It’ll be pretty amazing in a little venue.

Go here and get tickets. Thomas says that the NYC show WILL sell out.

For you folks in Philly! They’ve got a show tonight! Go check it out.

Ok. I’m out.

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  1. oh yeah, one other thing. you gotta forgive me but i have to laugh when i think of you ridin’ the assless whip and folks askin’ you what up with that and you tellin’ em “i have ass cancer but i’m gettin’ rid of it.” the look on their faces when you tell em that is what i’m laughin’ at. anyway ezra, what are you gonna do with the assless whip when you get rid of the problem?

    ; )

  2. Bob- I don’t know, man. Maybe use the build for something else.. Maybe give it to the bicycle museum of america.. Maybe just loan it to folks in similar situations.. We’ll see.
    Strangely, so far no one has asked me about it.. They probably just think my seat got stolen or something. I did get one “Nice seat!” drive by. He was gone to fast for me to say something smart.

  3. DRIVE-BY COMMENTATOR: “Nice seat!”

    EZRA: “I’ve got ass cancer!” [yelling after the car in the voice of Jerry Seinfeld saying, “It’s European!”]

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