It’s on! (like donkey kong)

Yesterday evening, as the tornado was rolling through, my surgeon called.  I didn’t hear the phone.. (there was a tornado rolling through.. !), but he left a message.  Surgery will be on Tuesday.  He will confirm the exact time of day on Monday.  That suddenly seems very soon!  Immediately counting in my head the number of times I have left to poop on the pot like a big boy!  (whoa..  just occurred to me..  toilet training my kids will be pretty strange!)

I was feeling pretty crappy yesterday.  Hurting. Nauseous. Listless, etc.  Having the date set really made for a mental shift, though.  I somehow hadn’t been thinking about what’s coming up in really concrete terms.  Imagining the adjustment, yes..  Thinking about the time in the hospital, and how intensely boring that will be.  Dreading being catheterized (in the context of things, a strange thing to be anxious about!) What they’re getting ready to do is pretty crazy, though.  It bears noting.  I mean, moving the main waste line in a house would be no small task..  digging in to the walls and breaking into a gigantic black pipe stack, changing it’s course and taking it out the front to a new septic tank, instead of allowing it to go deep into the street and connect to the main city sewer line.  But it makes sense..  you can imagine that.  These guys are planning to do that to my BODY!!  WTF!  That’s nuts.  Who even figured out that it could be done!  It sounds like science fiction to me.  I wonder if there are any other general plumbing modifications that it would make sense to have them do while they’re in there!  I mean.. not to make light, but it seems crazy that you can think of the body as a bunch of systems that can be modified like that.

I’ll be speaking with the surgeon when he gets in to his office at 10.  Lunch at noon with my main doc.  I may have an update later on.

Thank you all for reading.  It continues to be a great source of comfort for us to know that you’re out there following along.

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  1. I’m sending my warmest thoughts to you all the way from London. I’ve followed your blog for a long time and was so happy to see it take a turn away from cancer. I look forward to the next time that happens and wish you all the best in-between. You are very inspiring. Mette

  2. Love and friendship coming at you from Indiana. Strangers and loved ones alike are holding you both in a lovely, warm embrace…

  3. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen your wife naked and you with a pump hanging pendulous between your legs, pants around your ankles, but I do feel like I know you in some strange way. And with that bit of knowledge comes caring. So yes, I’m reading. Take all the comfort in that you want.

    Thinking of you. Still.

  4. It’s thinking like that, young man, that leads to movies like “Human Centipede”. Or, on a more positive note, the assless bicycle! Best wishes and hugs…

  5. the reference to plumbing, big black pipes, waste removal, and science fiction had me thinking: there’s a movie you need to rent this weekend: Brazil!

    Black humor, but lots of golden thoughts to you in support. So much good to experience and appreciate in your life even with this significant obstacle. Keep your eyes on the prize.

  6. No better attitude and no better wife, family, and friends around you, Ezzie! With all that, that cancer’s going to cry like no other! Will be thinking of you on Tuesday. Lots of love to you and Hill from me and Antonio here in hot, steamy Houston!

  7. I’m around if you need someone to run errands or just talk shit. Plenty of free time. Let me know.

    The errands might take a while if I do it by bike. People keep stopping me to ask who built the frame.

    Hang tough.


  8. well i’m glad they set the date up.. and can we rewind to the fact that you guys had a tornado in NYC! my boss is up there on business and she sent us pictures.. that’s pretty crazy. i love you ez, we’re praying for you guys over here.. can’t wait for this to be over for you.. screw hospitals, and surgery! and cancer!

  9. I’ll be thinking of you even stronger, I have a friend who went through the same as you, plus he goes in a wheelchair…, he is now OK. Now I am imagining you right now, with this in the past, and you’ll have a life full of moments really happy with Hill, and your friends, (you have a lot!!!), encouragement and a lot of positive energy, go, go go, you’re fastboy!!!

  10. On the bright side, Ez, there have been a few times in my life when I’ve really wished I had a small bag of poo on hand to throw at someone. So if you ever find outself in that place, you’ll be way better prepared than me. I mean, that’s something, right?

  11. I’m always reading athlete blogs…looking for inspiration to endure just a bit more than I thought I could as this mid-lifer tries to get back into racing shape.

    And then, from Simon Whitfield’s blog roll, I found inspiration of the Ezra kind! I read and read and read and wanted to thank you for sharing your life story, your pain, joy, and MORE DAMN PAIN with such eloquence, strength of spirit and humor.

    I was beyond touched that even in your worst pain, you are worrying about those in society who aren’t as lucky as you are: it speaks volumes about who you are.

    Sending you positivity and endurance from Vancouver, BC.

  12. Shit, Ezra. Just catching up a little late in the game. Will be thinking of you Tuesday, and more so in the weeks to come. May the hospital time pass quickly, and may you keep your humor to balance out your fear in all the craziness to come.

  13. Just caught up today, Ez, and I’m so sorry. You’re going to kick ass, though, be it in the front or in the back. Just breathe deep and you’ll be ok.

    I’m thinking of you.

  14. From Richard’s family in Nailsworth ( Gloucestershire ) to Andrew’s family in London – via Nigel and myself in Bath ( Somerset ) – so too Granny Bekker – we send you the very best of West Country Luck and come Tuesday – the entire clan will be with you in spirit every step of the way…

    Vasbyt Ezra!

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