june 17th





The other day I spent the afternoon in the shop making pill flasks.  Two of them.  One for Special Ed for father’s day.  Bigger than the first so they can handle most reasonable pills, but otherwise quite the same.  I’m sneaking up on just the right thing. Everyone who holds one wants to keep it.

When I came in from the shop I found the dinner shopping spread out for me.  It’s a beautiful world.

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  1. Pill flasks! I could use one as a classy way to carry my lactose pills, if you’re selling any of the prototypes. But more important, it’s always nice to see your words. Thanks for the update, enjoy the day!

  2. Well hello energy! those are some bangin’ pill cases. I can feel the weight in my palm from here. And eh… watch out for the White Dog, okay? I think it’s basically moonshine;)

  3. I love those pill flasks. But it reminds me that in grade 8 I chose to take Industrial Arts where all girls usually took Home Ec….the first day of school I went to my IA class and all the boys were shocked, as was the male teacher. How dare a female enter their private sanctum and I was marched up to the Home Ec class and forced to learn how to sew some very ugly dress. I never forgave them and believe with a taste of that knowledge behind me, I likely would have ended up as an industrial engineer BUT…to think that a teacher curtailed that interest by trying to humiliate me….sheds a light on how very little respect I have for public school teachers….BUT I wonder if Hill has any desire to putter around your tools in any attempt to make her own designs? I am utter envious if so 😉 I believe your level of talent is endless……………………I would imagine your puttering around, making items such as that pill container brings a level of calm and peace to your inner self and if so, I hope you get plenty of it, and the plenty more!!! Please share all you design with us vis a vis photography and your blog! Much appreciated!

  4. I’m excited to use the garlic scapes I just picked up. I’m making a cashew pesto to go on some zucchini “spaghetti”…I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.

    Jennifer (Fooferkitten on Flickr)

  5. You know Ezra, your life and the willingness to share snippets of it make it a beautiful world. It is when the spirit is tested when you most find beauty and purpose. Much southern love to you and Hill.

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