Labor Day

I got in the shower this morning, ran my hand through my hair, and ended up with handfuls of the stuff. Totally bizarre. I was able to just grab junks of it and pull it out with no pain at all. Decided it would be simplest just to get rid of it. They told me I wouldn’t loose my hair. I was a little disappointed; I thought it would be cool to have an excuse to be bald, but I’ll admit that being surprised by it like that was a bit emotional. (good thing I have a hat ready to go!)

Tomorrow I go back for my second round of chemo. Hoping this time my stomach doesn’t revolt to quite the same degree.

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  1. The one thing they never tell you when you get the idea to shave your head is that, oh yeah, you need to tan your head to match!

    I have to say, you do look sharp and your eyebrows carry it all.

  2. Hi Ezra!

    You look great! Awesome, actually!

    About 20 years ago a friend of mine had leukemia. She had several rounds of chemo and radiation prior to her life-saving bone marrow transplant. Needless to say, she lost her hair, and was subsequently without it for more than a year, but when it grew back it was INCREDIBLE! Before her whole ordeal began she had baby-thin, straight blonde hair. Once it grew out, its was thick and curly – gorgeous really. I always tease her that she was “permed” from the inside out.

    You’ll be on my mind with your chemo this week – hopin’ you feel better.

    You are *so* tough.

    -j, r, s & z

  3. All the best for you from Oldenburg, Germany. I have three friends, who won the war against really severe diseases. One of them had PSS (progressive, systemic scleroderma) and she ist still alive, living with a new partner, travelling to Australia next time and she is really happy after crook years.
    The secound one had sarcoidosis with affection of the central nervous system. After years of struggle she won, has a new job, two dogs and lots of energy 🙂
    Ther third one is suffering from breast cancer with metastases in the pelvis minor. After the third round of chemo she is gaining weight and feels much better. She ist a mother, a fighter and I know she will win.

    You gonna win as well 🙂

  4. but you can SO pull that look off—-seriously. still, it must have been kind of a shock.
    good luck with your chemo. i hope all those cancer cells are running for the hills.

  5. Wow. You look pretty damn terrific! I do find it kind of amusing that your eyebrows, just centimeters away, don’t feel the urge to follow suit…..but this is a good look for you. : ) I’m praying for you to feel better through chemo this round–we’re all thinking of you every day here in MA.
    Lots of love from your cousins!

  6. Good luck with everything. I love the title and concept of your blog, and your header. That’s the way to be; good for you.

    Love from a supportive stranger,

  7. I too have secretly longed for an excuse to be bald. I once tried to trim it down bit by bit, so as to not shock anyone, but when I cut it down to about 3/4ths of an inch, my boss at the time complained that too many of our customers were asking if I was ok, and would I please not cut it any shorter?

    If I ever move into a different line of work, or take a summer off, I think the first thing I’ll do is shave my head.

    Also, you’re a rockstar, and chemo is your bitch.

  8. Mr. Ezra… I can’t say I ever really noticed your eyebrows before now, but I must say that they make you appear both scholarly and dashing.

    Sending thoughts and extra house gymnastics your way, man.

  9. Great eyebrows! You just need to work on some freckles for the pate. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. If only thinking was the cure…

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