Last night.

Last night was the first night since I got her that I have spent in my house without Putney.  I guess I haven’t mentioned Putney much here on the blog.  She’s my dog and the subject of probably half my pictures on flickr.  She spent the night at the vet getting sewn up.

Yesterday as we were finishing up a little frisbee game (she’s a pretty astonishing frisbee dog ) I noticed a little fresh blood on the ground.  Wasn’t mine..  didn’t see anything on her..  Then she picked up a back paw and it started to gush.  We were about a mile away from home and she had an enormous cut on her foot.  Shit.  Nearly 60 pounds of dog.  I wasn’t going to be able to carry her home.  Not a chance that a taxi would have taken us.  “sorry pup..  you’ll have to be brave..  let’s trot home and get you cleaned up”  “Ok dad.”  She was very stoic.  Ran all the way home with me, and then very patiently let me clean her foot and get her bandaged up.  What a dog.

I took her to the vet in the afternoon and he said he could work on her after office hours and that she’d have to spend the night.  I’ve got an appointment for 9:30 to go pick her up.

The house is not the same when she’s not around.  It’ll be a big relief to see her.  I feel like a sap, but that little doggy has been through a lot with me, and is more of a comfort than I can put in words.  Pictures on flickr as soon as I get her home.

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  1. Ah…. Putney’s not even my dog and I’ll probably never meet her but I’ve definitely got a soft spot in my heart for that beast. My old pooch used to get cuts in her feet and locust thorns through them occationally when we be out mountain biking. It was never the same when she wasn’t around either. I feel for you. Be tough Putney. It’s not a bad thing to miss your pooch.

  2. Sorry to hear about Putney!

    Yes you have taken a lot of pictures of that dog. My wife and I looked at all of them over the holidays.

    I won’t let the dog in the bed, and she will.

    When she saw the long series of pictures of Putney cuddled up in the covers I got the stink eye for a day or so.

    Get well Putney!

  3. I totally hear ya- we take Molly to boarding and then get home and it’s almost eerie– no dog to welcome us makes us realize what an integral part of our home she really is. I’m sure Putney will do great and come back good as new.

  4. putney! curl up and rest that foot. i bet she is as anxious to get home as you are for her to be home! give her a hug for me.

  5. When my cat was in the hospital, I stopped by twice daily to sing to him. So trust me, I understand. All the times he’d been extra snuggly to me when I was sick, I knew I owed it to him.

    (If Putney needs cheering up, I suggest Time After Time. That was Mau’s favorite song.)

  6. Oh, sweet pup. You are a brave girl. I guess by the time you read this, “Welcome home!” is the appropriate response. (Yes, I am fairly certain that Putney can read. Because there is nothing she can’t do.)

  7. Poor little girl. I’m sure the night at the vet was more upsetting than the stupid cut. Luckily, they forget all that once they get home. She’ll be so happy!!

  8. Aw, poor Putney!!! Pitties are very stoic when it comes to pain, unless you’re scolding them and then they act like they’re getting killed. But real, true pain—they’re like, Whatever. Hope she heals quickly!

  9. Aw, man!
    Something like that happened to Odin a few years back. He had to get stitches in his paw twice from one major slash in his pad. Poor dogs! Give her a hug from me.

  10. Oh, Ezra! I can totally relate to you on this one. On my way back home from Texas a couple of weeks ago, my plane was delayed. Not so late that I wouldn’t make it home that night, but too late to pick up Sophie from boarding. It was my first night ever without her in the house. I always joke that I have severe separation anxiety, while she has none – that I pee on the floor and chew on the sofa when she’s not around, tee-hee. I BARELY slept that night, and was waiting by the door when the boarder opened the next morning. Much like an expectant puppy, actually 🙂

  11. Hi Ezra–I’m very sorry to hear about your dear pup, I hope she mends quickly.

    Just wanted to check in to say I stumbled across you blog while poking through my own blog stats…I’m sorry to report that while we are strangers, we have something very personal, very bad in common. But the good news is that this whole cancer thing, well, it is *not* the boss of us.

    I hope your treatment goes well, and if not well, then quickly.

  12. Isn’t it amazing how different a house can be? Our dogs have been staying with friends as we made the trek to and from Los Angeles to visit my brother who is in the hospital and those nights when they aren’t taking up all the room in bed are lonelier than all others.

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