Getting a later start than I had hoped, but Zach and I are headed down to the shop to make a 12 foot run of pill flasks for you maniacs!!

In the mean time, I am offering just one photo this week.  A bunch of you guys requested more copies, so I dug up the negative this morning, re-scanned it, and am offering a new edition, printed a bit bigger!    Check it out here.



14 Replies to “LATE START!!!”

  1. “Me when I was young and healthy and strong”

    in my book, fast boy, you are still young and healthy and strong

    and don’t overlook handsome and creative and all around wonderful!

  2. hey ezra, my BF desperately wants me to buy one of your latest photos, you “young and healthy and strong” on your bike but i can’t see any place (button) for me to order

  3. THANK YOU Ezra!! This is the ONE photo that I was soooo bummed to have missed. it combines all that I admire about you- bikes, art, and your sense of purpose and conviction. Thanks for putting it back out there. Again, I’d love to pick it up, but if it ends up in the mail, so be it. Glad you got out on your bike in VT, and so glad that you got Hillary out there too. Nothing like a good bike ride to put a smile on your face.

  4. Hi, Ezra. I have had it in the back of my mind to let you know (per your request a few posts back) that I received my print of Miss Putney and it is lovely and was perfectly packaged to survive the post. My friend Kurt brought your blog to my attention and I am so grateful that he shared it with me and that you have shared your many gifts and talents with all of us via this medium. Thank you so very much,

  5. Ezra,

    What? Your pic is already sold out?

    Still…saved the imagefile..u look Fab!
    Nice composition…nice feel to it…

  6. Ahh, I keep getting here at times when the prints are sold out. Qué sera, sera…

    In the meantime, you might like this short film of a guy in the UK who builds bikes, and made one that he took up to 80 mph…

  7. Doh! Two strikes for me. I think I’m getting the hang of it, though, and I’m sure that if you issue a *third* print run I’ll nail it! Better yet… just stay out on the trails, Ezra. Like ‘Sark’ said, above, I’ll content myself with saving the image file 😉

  8. Ezra,
    Thank you (again) for another wonderful photograph! I received it today and wanted you and Hill to know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness for making it possible for us to have beautiful and inspiring works of your art. The packaging is perfect and a work of art in itself. Thanks again for your inspiration and passion. All the best wishes for you, Hill, family and friends. And Putney too!!

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