Leaving NS

Today is our last day in N.S.  We’ll spend the afternoon packing up the house and getting it ready for winter.   Getting boats out of the water, matresses and cushions in plastic bags (mink protection), belongings packed up and back to the car on the mainland, etc..  We’ll spend the night with our friends Greg and Janina down in Port Medway, and then get up early tomorrow to start the long drive home.  We’ll aim for Portland tomorrow night, stay with Kim and Jon again, and then finish up the drive on saturday.. with stops on the way for lunch with cousins, and a visit to Mike Flanigan of ANT Bikes.

It’s been a great time.  Lots of good long walks and afternoon naps and great meals.  It’s been a little strange, though.  After not really working for the last couple of months, I’ve been feeling pretty antsy up here.  It was my intention to work in the shop right through the treatment.  I really though it would be possible.  It was not.  (Memory is such a merciful thing, that I can’t even remember why I wasn’t able to work, exactly.  Oh yes.  I remember now..  alternating between puking and anemia..  headache and chemo brain, etc..  Amazing how quickly a healthy mind will catalog nasty memories away). The idea had been to come up here and have some forced time away from the shop.. To make sure that I didn’t jump back in prematurely, and feel frustrated by how slow I was moving.. by how many mistakes I was making.  The truth is, though, that by about day 4 up here, I was feeling nearly 100% (ok..  75%.. But GOOD for a change) and was jonesing for some work time.

What a strange feeling.  Being in the one place in the world that I spend the rest of the year wishing I could be, and half wishing that I was back in NYC instead.  We even discussed going back early.

I’ve got this fantasy that I’ll head back and dive right in.  I’ve got a couple of bikes that I would love to have built by the time surgery rolls around.  Naturally, though, after several months of uselessness (or to put a better light on it – “preoccupation with staying alive”), there is a list of things that have piled up.   Our house needs a new roof, for instance.  Hmm.  Anyway, I’m full of energy and excited to tackle it all.

Most of all, though, I’m really excited to see my friends.  For years I’ve had a pretty shameful out-of-sight-out-of-mind attitude about friends.  Over the last months, I’ve realized just how many of them I actually have.  It seems like a real waste not to keep them closer.

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  1. say hey to mike for me! he’s gonna build me a whip. i’m movin’ up his list. should get to mine by may.

    have a safe trip back, man!

  2. damn dude. if i didn’t have to work tomorrow, i’d ride out to mike’s to meet yall. but i got a lot to do as i’m takin’ off next week for the mountains. anyway, have a good drive back to da nyc! and build those badass fastboy whips and post up pics.

    if i ever get any money again, i may have to get me a fastboy. i only have 6 bikes now (when i take delivery of the ANT). well, six and a half as i have a uni as well.

    ; )

  3. If ya need help with the roof, I’ve done a few and I’d be happy to lend a hand. Glad to see you got out on the water; that’s definitely good for your body and soul. Safe trip back, yeah?

  4. Have a safe and enjoyable journey home. I would imagine that part of the country will beautiful at this time of year. Interesting what you said about selective memory… The most trauma my body has sustained thus far is giving birth to two children, and immediately after my first I thought I would forgo the opportunity to do it again, but then I forgot… 🙂 But z was well worth it – and mercifully the labor was so fast the dr. barely made it into the room before z!

    I am so very thankful that you are feeling so much yourself!

    -j, r, s & z

  5. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! So is Felicity. (Jessica will be passing you on the highway as she drives up to Maine tomorrow for a girls weekend.)

  6. Good to hear (and see) it was a good trip. Wish L, M and I could all be back in NY to welcome you and Hill home! Hope to talk to you soon.

  7. No matter how much I love a place, at the same time I look forward to going home. It’s a strange mix of feelings, but I take it as good sign. Why do we feel guilty about loving our regular lives? There’s no contradiction between being grateful for the time and reasources to travel, and loving the life you’ve built for yourself.

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