lucky cap and a brief reprieve.

First I’d like to make a little shout out to the nice folks in Spain at Lucky Basterds who contacted me a while ago and said they’d been following the blog and wanted to send me a gift.  I’ve seen a few cycling caps and owned a few, but this is by quite a stretch my favorite.  It is beautifully made, and their selection of color combinations is really great and all over the map.  Go check them out.  Something for everyone.  (When I suggested to them that I would put the cap on the blog, they protested..   ‘no no.. you mistake our intentions!’)

This week I’m getting a partial reprieve.  Monday went as usual.  I came home with intense pain that went away when properly medicated.  When I went in on tuesday for my second day of drip drip, the doc did my blood work and found that my white cell count had dipped dangerously low (1.4 something or others when it should be up between 4 and 10), and he decided to stop the treatment for the week.  SO one less night with the 5fu pump.  A blessing.  The low blood count is not really to be sneezed at, though.  He also sent me home with neupogen shots to up the counts.  Put me on a course of prophylactic antibiotics.  I’ll go back in today to check on the counts and see how much MORE neupogen I need to do to get back up to safe levels.

The pain did NOT raise its ugly head yesterday afternoon as it has been doing the last couple of rounds.  Cross my fingers and say a little prayer that that’s a good sign, and maybe this week I’ll just skip it.  Though I don’t think that’s likely..  I’ll be carrying meds with me today as I make my rounds.  This morning I’m packing up a few overdue etsy prints, and heading in to the doc all in time to make it to the pool hall by 11:30 or so to meet with Jeremiah.  The last few rounds have robbed me of some very important meditation at the pool hall!!  This round I intend to play a bit!

Yesterday was Hill’s b-day.  We went to a nice little dinner at Il posto accanto..  Same place we went for Valentines day.  They’re very sweet there.  When we declined desert, they brought us a gratis little bottle of muscato desert wine, knowing it was Hill’s day. Kindness of strangers.

(on friday, if I have the energy, I will make a video about cooking octopus.  A favorite food around here.  Another cheap, sustainable, delicious source of protein that most people don’t know how to cook!)

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  1. Happy birthday Hill! Behind every great man there’s a great woman so although I do not know you personally I am sure you are a hell of a woman.

    (Dessert wine: yummy!)

  2. Along with the video for octopus I need hints to get my wife to at least try it! She don’t like fish.
    Stay the course and we would love to have you come out to North New Jersey when you are up for biking again.

  3. Happy Birthday Hill!!!!! and by the way I’ll take a drive-by hug next time you go to il posto you know I live right next door!

  4. Happy so much for you, i’m glad to know that the spanish people made a gift to you, and yes, we are different!

    Now I’m at hospital, feeling so bad and missing all my normal life, I want to be at home soon and forget all this.

    Have a very good pool time, i’ll expect your level go up fast! Hugs

  5. Hill, happy birthday beautiful!
    That’s a sharp looking cap my friend.

    Christopher and I made braised lamb last night and we’re just cleaning up after a breakfast of leftovers with caramelized onions and poached eggs on baguette. I think we’ll be going back to bed now!
    And that zizzed up mint pesto… a new staple for me. We added a bit of lemon juice for an extra kick.

  6. There’s something almost ‘A Clockwork Orange’ about that picture. It’s a friendlier orange though. Cheeky. Nice.

  7. Ezra, I wish that I had your grace. Cancer has ravaged my family and made me cry many, many times, and I look forward to reading that you’ve kicked cancer’s ass. We’ve never met, but I love you brother, and I’m rooting for you with every fiber of my being.


  8. Happy birthday, Hill!
    Nice picture, Ezra– you look like you’re on top of things and that’s great to see!

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