First day of the show done and dusted.    Some random images over on my photo site.

Things went miraculously well.  The jerseys arrived.  The steel for the picture racks arrived.  WE arrived, (as the doors were opening for the show).  Set up went relatively quickly despite having no particular method to the madness, and a display emerged!  Quite a nice display in the end.  It was good to have a warm up day.  Today I know what little bits of information were missing, what things can be written down to save people from asking, etc.

Remember to bring cash money for jerseys (they’re beautiful!  Thanks IBEX!).  $125.  (limited quantity of Women’s Shak jackets for $175).

There are some really beautiful things to see at the show folks!  Well worth the trip out.  This is my first time actually exhibiting at one of these things.  Kind of strange to wait until I’m retired..  But, hey!  I got around to it.

Remember to go and bid on the Assless and the UTA.  Those auctions will END on wednesday the 4th of september at 2pm eastern time.  High bidding is currently at $5000 for the UTA and $1000 for the Assless.  Help me make a little money for hospice, gang!  Spread the word.   Tell your friends.  Both bikes are on display today at the show for anyone who’d like to kick the tires.

Remember also that a portion of show proceeds go to the charity of my choice, a very generous gesture from the show organizers, so don’t feel bad about the gate fee!!

See you there.

Big Love,









3 Replies to “Magic!”

  1. Ezra!

    Always a pleasure to read your posts my friend.

    The jerseys looks fab! How much for sending one to good ol’ Germany?
    Darn…wish i was there…saw the pics…

    Wish you well.
    Good nite to you, the missus and the doggie

  2. Ah! Thanks so much for posting all those photos:) That was some grade A people watching – I love the portraits and the Warsaw was so fitting – such a great venue for your work. Did you say they did an interview with you for the show as well? ‘Cause spill it, fast boy. (Also have a great holiday weekend, everyone. E, I hope you’re racking up the miles on the UTA:)

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