Didn’t really get out much this week.  It seems that there were always conflicts of one sort or another.  Even with all that rest I felt a little lead legged this morning.  Still.  Feels good to have gone.

Tuesday morning I went and got an EMG to try and determine what’s causing the sciatic pain I’ve been dealing with.  What a strange test that is!  It involves getting electrocuted in creative ways and measuring the resistance.  They can find nerve damage of various sorts.  They didn’t find anything conclusive, though.. A slight decrease in activity in an area that would indicate a nerve pinch at S1.  So back to the nerve pinch/bulging disk theory.  I’ve got a Petscan coming up next week. Maybe I can have them add whatever they’d need to do (MRI?) to see what’s going on.  Increased activity does not seem to be helping or hurting.

Yesterday I packed up a customer’s nose bike frame and rims to take to BKLYN for Lance at SquareBuilt to powder coat.  Got as far as 42nd st and had a little shit bag malfunction.  A pair of little boys sat down next to me on the train.  One turned to the other and said, “ew…   You farted?  who farted?  He farted?”

Oh god.  I THOUGHT I had smelled something.  Couldn’t exactly lift my shirt on a crowded train and figure out what was going wrong, though.

It seems that I had some real beginner’s luck with the irrigation.  Having to work out the details now. Hilarious.

Today is my last day as a bachelor.  Hill gets back tomorrow.  Not a moment too soon!

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  1. Yes, lumbar MRI is what they ordered for Jim to investigate his sciatica. Found a bulging disc they think was the culprit. A month later, he had his four ureter stents replaced and the sciatica immediately disappeared.

    Best wishes on the PET.

  2. Thanks so much for the info – the running doesn’t help the sciatica, but it doesn’t make it worse either. *fingers crossed* they get to the bottom of it.

    You WILL work out the irrigation details and many, many worse things than an irrigation mishap have happened on the subway:) Please – That’s nothing.

    So thrilled Hillary’s back:) I hope the celebration involves cooking…

  3. I hope they find the source of the problem so unpleasant and painful to your sciatica. Meanwhile I hope the situatio can be as bearable as possible for you.

    Hill is almost at home and I’m sure you receive her how she deserves. A hug!

  4. Hey! I’m sure you’ve been reconnecting with your beautiful partner after her return, but since you haven’t posted in a while, I thought I’d check in. How’s everything going?

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