More catch up.

My oncologist is a long time friend of the family. He’s known me since I was about 4. He knew that the biopsy was happening, and Hill and I were in his office half an hour after getting the results. That could have gone pretty differently. I could have been faced with heading straight home to get on the computer and begin a search for an oncologist who could see me SOON and was covered by my insurance. I think that this probably did more to keep me level headed than any other single factor.

Of course there’s Hill. Hill walked into that little results meeting with me and sat down.

“Who’s this?”

“My girlfriend”

“can I speak in front of her?”

“of course.” (would I have invited her along if you couldn’t?)

“you have cancer.”


She has remained totally calm throughout. She sat with me and heard that I could end up sterile with a colostomy bag and didn’t flinch.

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  1. You are lucky to have each other, and to be able to go through this together.
    I really want to offer more in-depth advice and an ear to Hill, we’ve been through something very similar, albeit without the stupid rubbish cancer.

    Please do get in touch if you need advice re colostomy or infertility concerns.

    Up yours cancer (no pun intended!).


  2. lucky, indeed, LM.
    Taff is an inspiration. Man. What an ordeal. I will certainly be in touch as questions arise. Thanks.

    (tee hee.. up mine, all right)

  3. ezra, my dad recovered from colon cancer (after it beat him down a bit).. and is living well again.. this is my wish for you man!
    It sure is nice to have a friend there at your side like hillary..
    Nice to have someone to confide in..

    best of wishes for the chemo treatments and all that comes after….

    ps- check what i put up on my profile page


  4. My grandfather had colon cancer. He was 67 at the time. That was 18 years ago. He’s 85, now. He’s been cancer free for 18 years. He did not have to get a colostomy bag.

    If a 67 year old man in mediocre physical health can deal with it, you surely should be able to.

  5. Hi Ezra,

    I am one of your quiet flickr fans – I posted a comment the other day upon learning your news. You remain in the hearts and prayers of me and my little family. We are part of the army at your back.

    Thank you very much for starting this blog. You are courageous and kind to share your situation so openly.

    Love to you and your beautiful Hillary from all of us,

    j, r, s, & z

  6. TAD! Thanks man! that’s awesome.

    Seth- I feel pretty confident. It’s a big help to hear the success stories.

    Timmy- For sure. I’ve got no plans to give her up.

    Troze- Thanks so much. I guess that before I was diagnosed I might have imagined that having ass cancer would be too embarrassing to share, and yet now that I’ve got it, I’m not thinking twice. I think that’s more a credit to the audience than to my own courage, to be honest. Please give my very best back to your family.

  7. to be honest Ezra, i’ve probably posted about 2 comments on your photostream during the last few months i’ve been watching it.. but your enthusiasm for bikes and life have already made a change in my life. i now have a fixie and love it, and i also make the most of my time.

    about 4 months ago i had a cancer scare myself. luckily after tests i was given the full clear. even so it was one of the scariest times of my life. i have no idea what you must be going through. all i can offer is my support from across the atlantic.

    i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you man. (except when i’m braking!)


  8. Hey man great attitude. Glad to see you’ve started a blog. If you haven’t already been there it sounds like you’d like
    The only place in my life I’ve ever seen a top ten list related to cancer.

  9. Ezra,

    Love what you are doing here. I have lower GI problems as well but nothing as bad as what you are going to be going through. I was in and out of hospitals for 6 months back in 2007. They mentioned colostomy bag and I was getting freaked. Everything worked out and I am back at it.

    My wife Judy was a Saint. She still is. Stood by me the entire time even when they thought I might loose my pancreas. Never cried. Never felt sorry for me. I bet Hill is like that. Hill is amazing. The photos you take of her do not do her justice. I bet she is tough as nails. She will be your rock.

    Best Wishes and Kick some ASS!

  10. Both of you are so strong! *hugs*

    Remember you told me how happy you are for Chris and I to have each other through that tough time? Same goes to you, Ezra, I can’t be more happy that you and Hill are there to support each other. If you need anything and I mean it, anything at all, please let us know. Know that Chris and I are both thinking of you and missing you. Stay strong and kick some cancer ass!

  11. Holy crap.
    Sorry, that’s what i keep saying. Kick its ass. You’re lucky to have someone as strong as Hill, and you have this little invisible army behind you. Use it.

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