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A week or so ago I was wandering around the 59th st Home Despot, and happened to meet the Pro Accounts manager.  He turned out to be a very nice guy, who (and the way it came up is a longer story) is a ten year colon cancer survivor.  We traded war stories a little, and he ended up giving me his number and extension, etc..  So when it came time to order up materials to frame up some walls in my new shop I gave him a call.  He hooked me up with wholesale pricing on everything he could, and yesterday this massive pallet of stuff arrived in front of my house..   Putting it down where he did took a pretty impressive piece of forklift driving on the part of the delivery guy, since the sign post casting a shadow in the front of the shot was exactly 95 inches from the bumper of this car.  The pallet on the other hand is 96 inches..  Anyway.  It was pretty cool.

So I decided that quick quick like a bunny I’d get all this stuff down into my basement space, and get ready to do a little framing.  The one trick is that you can’t actually GET 4X8 sheets of ANYthing into my basement.. it all has to be cut down to a more manageable size first.  Needless to say, this was one of those jobs that ended up being a little more involved, and taking a little longer than my pea brain was anticipating.  I was sort of remembering the 18 year old version of myself working on construction crews during the summers, weighing in at 125 lbs soaking wet with work boots on, but 18!!  and strong..  and young.  “Piece o’ cake..  I’ll just schlep this down to the basement and start swinging the hammer”

Well.  By three o’clock or so, I had finally gotten it all into the basement, and was a broken, tired man.  This beat up body continuing to write checks it can’t cash.  (for the record, and for those fellow nerds out there that like a good project, this was 40 2x4x8s, 2 4x4x8 doug fir posts, 4 sheets of 5/8 sheetrock, 11 sheets of 3/4 cdx ply, 2 10′ lengths of 4″pvc pipe, and a box of pneumatic nails.)

But the strength is returning.  I’m sore and tired at the end of the day, and I’m loving it.

Some of you have requested tool porn.  Coming, I promise.  But most of the time that I’m down there, I’m just so happy to be MAKING something again, that the thought of stopping to take pictures doesn’t really enter my mind.  Pictures soon.  I’ve got exactly a week before Hill and I take off for almost all of June..  The vacation that we both sorely need.  I’m hoping to be able to get the two shops more or less finished, so that when I get back in July, I can jump back into work.  This is a very optimistic hope.  There is still MUCH to do.


peace out.  I’m off to work.

Big love.

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  1. Dude I’m 48 and still use my 18 year old self to judge what I can do and it kicks me in the shins again and again! But occasionally, I manage to pull it off…

    I’m glad to see you back to work, enjoy!!

  2. I love your writing – makes me laugh!
    I hear you on the holiday front, hell yeah. And Hill’s own stresses – got my university final exams this week. Last. ever. exams. Woop! I’m pretty damn terrified, but heading to France pretty soon after with my better half. Equal but copious amounts of terror and excitement make for an unusual combination!
    Also, can totally understand the excitement of a new planned project! Got plenty of those once I’m freeeeee!
    Anyway, probably shared too much there – I’m just feeling your bunny quickity quick yippee mentality!!

  3. Have a geaaaaattttt vacation! Be sure to let us know about your photo exhibit in Maine. I would love to see it if I am home visiting family.

  4. Holy crap. You put me to shame. I have no excuse– NONE– for being the schlub I’ve been in the physical labor department. You go, man! You are such a inspiration!

  5. For some reason, I never think there CAN be a home depot in NYC. Or any kind of awesome tool store or lumber store. I’m so glad you are working again! I miss the food videos though! You’ve put me off on a meat cooking frenzy lately. Thanks Ezra! Have fun on vacation!

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