Morning of

Up early.   Much to do still.

Everything that is supposed to be falling into place seems at least to be falling!

Todd showed up yesterday at around noon and began working away on bikes.  I saved him the lion’s share of work that I knew was up his alley and saved myself for the woodworking and phone calling and decision making.  Todd tensioned and trued several sets of wheels, finished rebuilding the Assless..  finished rebuilding the Hardass.  And as I write this at 6 AM, I think I hear him downstairs working on the UTA.  He is indefatigable.    Without his help this clearly would not have happened.

I spent the day in the shop making picture frames.  Yup.  Hopefully when you see the display it will all seem worth it.  Arriving on various delivery trucks this morning, we should have….  Both the steel rod that finishes the picture frames, AND the very exciting all new and never before seen FAST BOY CYCLES wool IBEX jerseys!  Ibex is a Vermont based company that has their wool grown and woven in New Zealand (where the sheep are), and then sew all their garments here in the U.S.  In my home state of Vermont, no less.  For a long time the idea of having a little FBC merch has seemed like a pretty cool idea.  I didn’t really want to grab any old sweat shop sewn t-shirt, though, and emblazon my name across it.  I have always encouraged customers to use parts that are made here in the U.S. wherever it’s possible and makes sense.  The last time that I was in Vermont, IBEX popped to mind, and I made a few phone calls.  I didn’t want to say anything, because things were truly down to the wire (I have still not actually seen one!!) BUT the tracking number indicates that I should see them today by 10:30 AM..  (it also has them scanned in memphis TN, which is NOT between Vermont and here, but we’ll cross our fingers).    The metal, on the other hand, is on the UPS truck and out for delivery.  As long as Bobby is working today, that shouldn’t be too hard to track down!

There are some odds and ends to take care of still.  Some things that will have to happen by the seat of the pants.  More photos to print.  BUT, I think that more or less by noon we should be ready to pack up and head over to the venue and build a display!  Very exciting.

Now.  To this issue of these two auctions.  This has been a subject of a fair amount of deliberation and for some in the discussion a bit of anxiety about how to make the whole thing legally binding and how to avoid trolls and all the rest.  (A set of concerns, frankly, that took me by surprise a bit).

I will NOT be using a service to run the auction.  For me this is personal.  I want to know who you are!  You will bid either in person at the show, with an old fashioned slip of paper (which I would like you to duplicate in an email!), OR by email alone, to me.   To keep things quite simple, your subject line should say either UTA bid, or Assless bid.  For me to take your bid seriously, you will need to include your actual name, address, and a phone number where you can be reached.  You must also include a short note telling me that you are not a computer..  If I feel as though you are yanking my chain with your bid..  if it seems too outrageously high to be possible, for instance, I will be calling you on the phone to discuss your seriousness.

As I verify the bids, I will be updating the high bid on the fast boy cycles website.   The high bid will include the initials (or full name if the bidder desires..   Please indicate in your email whether you’d like to bid publicly or privately) of the bidder.  That way you can be assured when you check in, that it IS your bid.  (If two bids for the same amount come in, naturally I will accept the earlier of the two bids, and notify the second bidder).  Keep in mind that this will be ME doing the managing of this auction.  Not some sort of computer.  You will not be asked to give your credit card info or anything else.  In my experience, this internet place has been pretty civil, in fact.  This auction will run entirely on trust.

I will accept bids for either bike in $100 increments.  This will not be some sort of proxy auction where the winner wins by 12 cents using a sneaky computer program.  And keep in mind these auctions are for a good cause.  ALL of the money will be going to VNSNY home hospice.   If, when you write me to bid, the price has already gone higher, I will let you know.  However!  Bid to win.  If the winning bid does not pan out, the next highest bidder gets the bike!  So your bid will stand.  I will have an email record of all the bids that came in, and when.



Both auctions will END at 2:00pm on Wednesday the 4th of September.  Mark your calendar.  Set an alarm.  Whatever.  The highest bid that I have received by then will get the bike.   In the case of the Assless, you will receive the bike the moment you come to my house to pick it up and share a coffee or bourbon with me depending on the time of day!  In the case of the UTA, you may have to wait a while.  As has always been the plan, I will lovingly ride this bike until I am simply no longer able.  The winning bidder, however, will be encouraged to join me on the trails in Westchester and get a turn at least..   I am already riding the bike a little bit like someone else owns it!  Though.. not TOO much like that..    ha…




I hope I haven’t left anything out.  This is going to be a very busy day.   Looking forward to seeing you all at the show!


Big love,

Fast Boy





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  1. Wish I could be there today. Revel in the day, Ezra! Am excited to see if my bid will even have any traction once the bidding opens. I suspect bidding on both bikes will far exceed what I can afford, but at least I’ll have been a part of this big event. Cheers!

  2. It’s funny that the shortest distance between two places is often through Memphis. FedEx has proven that logistical efficiency often trumps a straight line.

    Good luck on the show, the auction, and all else. I wish I were in a position to bid like mad!

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