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The other night I had dinner at the Breslin with my brother and Special Ed.  We each started with a gin and tonic.  Thomas ordered mine with Death’s Door gin.  He thought it was funny as hell.

For the last several weeks I’ve been lamenting the death, or at any rate complete identity change of flickr.  For many years, flickr has been the only internet social media that I engage in.  I always liked it because it wasn’t ugly..  it wasn’t busy and full of distractions or ads.   It was a place that you could show photographs and know that people might actually look at them, maybe comment on them.  A real community developed there in the early days, not a group of serious photographers so much as a group of regular people documenting and  sharing their lives.  I have very close REAL live friends that developed out of that community.

I think in a lot of ways flickr really helped my photography!  It gave me an audience, a reason to shoot.  When I started to build bikes, I already had a built in audience from flickr and I never once needed to advertise!  When I got sick, I had a built in network of support. Flickr has become ugly, though.  A cluttered mess.  I know that some people don’t mind it so much, but I can’t take it.  I don’t like the way photos look on there.  So I’ve stopped using it, and it makes me pretty sad.

Lately I’ve been pretty weak.  I’ve got a broken arm, I get tired easily, I’m in a certain amount of pain, and I’m on a certain amount of pain meds!  (in both cases, that ‘certain amount’ is considerable).  I’m really not able to work in the shop anymore.  But for me, the need to make stuff is a driving force and doesn’t go away.  An urge that I can’t ignore.  Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to take photographs.  To make people’s portraits.  To document what sound like they’ll be my last weeks.. months. It has been a REAL pisser to me lately that flickr isn’t an option.

SO.  I’ve made a new website.  My thought is that I’ll populate it gradually with photos from the past, and with new photos..  day by day as they accumulate.  Just a simple clean space to be able to look at the photographs without any busy distractions. It’ll take a little while to work out the bugs, and massage it into just the site I want it to be, but I’m going to try to shove it up here onto the web as is, and let the fixes happen when they do, simply to have a place to put some pictures!

The Teaching Cancer to Cry blog will continue to be the place to get information and updates and thoughts on the progression of my cancer.  I’m finding, however, that a lot of the time I’m at a bit of a loss for words.  I think that I’m likely to post a lot more often if I allow myself simply to post a photograph from the day.  Maybe a few words, or a whole post, but maybe just a picture.  And perhaps I’ll make it so that the picture itself is a link to a gallery of photos from the day.  There won’t be any tags, or any favorite-ing..  any way to comment on individual photos..  (sadly there won’t be a way for me to follow other people’s lives the way I did on flickr, either!)   But there WILL be a nice clean environment to look at pictures, and I hope you will.

Thank you, as always, for being an audience.  For witnessing what I feel has been a most beautiful and lucky life that continues to unfold in magical ways before my very eyes!

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  1. I know what you mean about Flickr and its sad. You were one of those people who also influenced they way I photographed my life. Thank you for your gift, its a way I shoot now. Keep shooting and I’ll keep being your audience. 🙂

  2. God, it’s so weird to me how much fucking love I feel for you Ezra! (in a totally platonic, non creepy kind of way!). I first stumbled upon you via flickr, and totally understand why you hate the change. I love the new site, love your eye, love your soul, love your wife and dog and your kitchen table that has seen so many great meals. It’s all I’ve got to give, I guess, and it’s yours.

  3. I have what seems like a dumb question about now but how did you make this site? I want to make one and am looking for a good “host” site I guess you call it.

    Im SO HAPPY you’re going to continue to update with photos. I really have been missing yours on flickr the past few weeks. I hate the new flickr too I just dont know where else to go and love the community aspect of it. I keep hoping they’ll change it back!

  4. Also, what lens do you shoot your portraits with? Ive never asked which seems insane. I love your work ahh.

  5. I’m glad there’s a place that I can see your photographs again, Ezra. The new as well as the old. I found you through Flickr sometime during your first round of cancer treatment and you very quickly became one of my favorite people there. I commented on your stuff infrequently but favorited it a lot. I haven’t participated over on Flickr for the past year as much as I once did but I’m still there occasionally and I felt a profound sense of loss that day or so you made your stream private. It was a little disconcerting, the magnitude that grief. You may not think of yourself as serious photographer but there’s always been something in your images that’s been compelling, that’s drawn me in, and made me feel a connection to you. I don’t know if that’s “serious” but it’s most definitely important [to me] and I want you to know how much I value your photographs. So, yeah… I’m glad there’s a place to see that work of yours again.

  6. I’ll follow your new site surely, because it will be, this one too, a source of emotions so pleasant to visit.
    It’s years i know your flickr site, since when “La Repubblica” used your pictures (without your authorization) and i discovered your works, your art.
    Thank you for all the pics you showed till now, all the stories i read, and all of your life you shared with this audience i’m beeing a part of.
    I perfectly know that there is a lot of people on this side of the screen waiting for your news day by day because your stuff is great.

  7. Like so many others, I have been missing your pics on Flickr. I have been following your life for a long time now because I came across images of Putney and fell in love. I have read all your posts, watched your videos, and viewed all your pics. I echo the sentiments of so many people who admire you greatly as a writer, photographer, videographer, husband to beautiful and brave Hillary, owner of Putney Sue, and all around interesting person. I am so pleased that I have had the pleasure of getting to know you through the various postings. You have brought pleasure to my life, and laughter to my soul, and I think you know that many others feel the same way. I send my thoughts and prayers to you and your lovely Hillary and Putney.


  8. You are my first contact on Flickr and these days I thought to “like” all your pictures just to have a schortcut to watch them. Now I’ve bookmarked your new website.
    Love you work, you way to take picture and your way of life.

    Hold on.

    Warm regards from Italy.

  9. Awesome move! You still don’t know me and I assume you never will, but I feel like I do, in some strange way… Never felt such kind of “emotional attachment” before.
    I hope this doesn’t sound wierd to you.
    Btw.: Your wife isn’t half as tolerant as your photos are beautiful!
    Only the best for you, Moritz

  10. Ezra, I can’t thank you enough for this. I don’t have the way with words to let you know how deeply I’ve come to care about you over the years — I’m envious of the other commenters! You are a great, brilliant photographer and human being. Love and all the best mojo from Southern California, and please give Putney a pat from me —

  11. Ezra: I’m very glad to see the new site. Thanks for setting it up. Like many people I know you from Flickr for a long time and through your Flickr site I was introduced to others. You expanded my world in a number of ways. And , dang boy, you really are a good photographer and there is a uniquely compelling quality to your images that drew me in first and continues to do so to this day.

  12. Not sure what would be a bigger honor – having you build a bike for me or having you take a picture of me. Not able to have either I’ll just say that it
    is an honor to read your blog and see your photos. What a gift.

  13. I like the new site; you are right, it is clean and intuitive. I especially like the photo of Nao Tomii at your door in today’s series – also the hospital series. Me, I’m just gonna comment on your photos here. Lots of thoughts for you and your family these days.

  14. Yes! Screw Flickr. You are so impressive it’s about time you had your own site anyways. I tried ipernity as someone else suggested but it’s a little kiddy and kind of limited. I like the thought of your work archived on your own page. You know, your photography work is so beautiful Ezra. I think way back when, I found you just by clicking the recently uploaded photos button. Ive been following you ever since. Your images sing. I have a 4 year photography degree. For 4 long years all I did was critique and review images. Nothing I can do has come close to your work. Not much that I saw in those 4 years either. I love that you shoot what you love and don’t stop. I never got bored of putney’s snout, your bikes, or Hill’s body. Never. Your style is so uniquely yours and I love that you don’t fight it. It would be simple to pick out a fast boy photo from 100 photos or more. I have really enjoyed following your work and life. To me, it seemed like you have lived your life exactly as it was meant to be lived. I think I have been a little envious of that. I plan to review your photos in years to come and gain some inspiration to do the same. I find myself fighting the urge to comment on your posts thinking “Nicole this is crazy! You don’t know this person. Why do you care so much. It’s not normal. It’s not sane!” But if I keep telling myself that, then soon I won’t even have the option will I? So…Other things I’ve never said. Let’s get all the crazy out in one post. A few years ago you commented on one of my photos and it meant so much because of how much I value your work. It made my day. Thank you for that! ……And I don’t want you to die. I feel like screaming, crying, banging on God’s door and saying “IT’S NOT FAIR!!!! CHANGE YOUR MIND GOD DAMIT!” (…taking the lord’s name in vain to the lord..shit..can’t be good….) “SHRINK THESE TUMOURS AND LET THIS GUY GET ON WITH WHAT HE’S DOING!” And, I’m going to miss looking in on your beautiful life. And Im going to keep you in my prayers…and Hill and Putney and your family and everyone else that has been touched by your work and beautiful spirit…as I know I have been. Much much love Ezra. And THANK YOU. 🙂

  15. Hey Ez,

    I’m finding it hard to come up with the words with regards to what’s going on for you in the past few weeks but my heart is singing over your photo website. Wherever it is that inspiration lurks in me (elusive) you’ve managed to find it and really grab it by the balls. Again. 🙂

    Jenny over the pond x

  16. Hi Ezra,
    Been following you for a bit, having many mutual friends through the ski and bike community… Spend my days now next door to you know who at Caldwell Sports, etc. etc. Anywho, principal now at the old school, Putney Central, where your name came up in conversation today with Kathy Bartlett, who remembers you Caldwell guys very fondly. She mentioned that when your little brother was born you were so excited that you were jumping up and down explaining it all to her, and that when asked how big the baby was you exclaimed, “6 pounds and 6 O-Z.” Thought you might like that.

    Best to you, Hillary, and of course, Putney.

  17. Off topic. Back to bikes. Would you consider letting somebody else build limited editions of your bike designs? Don’t know who this would be, but you must know somebody you could trust with such a project. What do you think? What do others think. Tell me to go away if it is a crap idea. Love Gerry

  18. Hi Ezra,

    I found you on Flickr because I was really into the pea green Surly cross-check that you built up. Ultimately, I had to settle for a grey one, but man, it has been rewarding getting to know you through your photography and your creative endeavors. Many of your photos project the quiet energy of a lazy Sunday, or your mischievous sense of humor. Thank you for sharing. Your photography makes this world a more beautiful place through deliberate distilled moments captured and documented with the eye of someone that appreciates love, family, nature in the purest sense.

  19. You are so damn talented!!!! Everything you do, you do it perfectly yet you make it all appear so effortless.

    Thats a talent that very few possess!

  20. beautiful site, exactly as a such a site should be—-is there anything you do poorly?

  21. i love this new site ezra, it’s clean and your photos look beautiful. Wishing I could favourite and comment. I’ll be checking in.

  22. Beautiful new site. Your creative force is amazing, Ezra. Life has taken a lot from you lately, but you have given it so much that it overflows and touches every one of us. Thank you for this.

  23. When I read your last paragraph in this post, Ezra, I wanted to share with you something written by a woman no longer with us. I love it, and hope I live it, too: “I’d say that I now identify as part of the unfolding of a beautifully complex and mysterious universe, in love with the day-by-day ordinariness of my temporary existence.” x

  24. Seeing these, especially the older ones, is like seeing old friends again. What a beautiful gift you have given us all. I smiled many times as I scrolled through the pages, watching ups and downs- seeing the beautiful life you’ve lived. You have been a lucky man indeed!

  25. love the new site…i swoon over your photographs. i have always found them to be brave & fearless, just like you. xoxo

  26. I happened to find out about you and your bike building by chance, immediately I wanted one of your bikes. As I read further I heard the news. I enjoy your work a lot and is an inspiration. Thanks for building a simple clean website, perfect.


  27. Always glad to see a post from you and the new website doubles the chances of that. Huge fan of your work Ezra, truly inspirational

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