New photos!

The last few weeks of printing and packaging have been a real whirlwind.  Ben and Mary and I worked a lond day on saturday and managed to get everything out the door from last week’s group (which you bought out in the first day even after I added some extra prints!).  Ben and I were still stuffing envelopes at 6 in the evening!

I appreciate your enthusiasm!   I’m going to try and slow it down a bit here.  These are pictures that don’t relate as obviously to the story that most have you have followed about me.  But the seeds were there.  This was the period of time that I had a really good gig teaching dance..  was being payed very well to work relatively little (in terms of pure hours).  I used the extra time to make wood fenders, and assemble bikes for students who were excited about the idea that one could get around by bike, I played a LOT of pool, AND started getting really excited about photography.  I had just begun developing my own black and white at home..  in fact these pictures span the period that I went from shooting xp2 (a c41 process black and white film that I would take to the lab..  great film!) to shooting mostly tri-x and plus-x and developing at home with diafine.  I wasn’t thinking much about dance, though.  I wasn’t choreographing or performing anymore.   I took my teaching job very seriously and did it very well.  My students were my kids!  I had a wonderful group of professional and aspiring dancers who trained (hard!) with me, many of whom joined me at the house every Sunday night for dinners on the roof.  But DANCE wasn’t where my heart was. I was thining about bikes, and about photography, and about making things.


It wasn’t long after taking these pictures that I did finally quit my rather good gig teaching dance (after the brand new director of the studio dressed me down like a kid in front a class of 40 students, telling me that I couldn’t park my bike in the studio..  something I’d made a habit of doing for the last 6 years..  5 and half of which she hadn’t even been around for..  I gave notice the next day.  It was the push I needed.  Ironic in the end that it was over a bike!).  When I DID quit that job, the path opened up and seemed clear as day.  “Leap and bridge will appear!”  I feel as though that’s more or less where the story that most are familiar with picks up.  I met hillary (who you may spot in one of these pictures..), went off to learn to build bikes, and within a YEAR I had been diagnosed with cancer.  But the seeds were there, planted back then.  The me taking these pictures was ready for a new chapter.

I love these photos.  I hope you’ll take the time to look at them.



UPDATE!!!     It seems that I may have been a little remiss and not included a LINK to the new photos mentioned in the title of this post..  I apologize.  As usual, they can be found over on my photo website:

More specifically, the ones that are for sale can be found at

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  1. Really beautiful, Ezra, love the new photos. And yes, I’d love a pill flask too, but do as you feel. You’ve been moving faster than lots of us, and we’re grateful, AND, we can wait. Here’s to enjoying this new group, these moments that have meaning and memory for you, cheers, and kapow!

  2. You were seriously stressing me out with the assembly line pace. Thx thx for trying to get the workload under control. It was hitting danger territory. I remember the first time I saw a photo of Hooba I thought it was photoshopped ha ha. There was a ladder he was perched on top of right?!

  3. Ezra, Your lovely photos just arrived here in VT, beautifully packaged (thank you, Mary) and ready for framing for Eli and Sander. They will be treasured. Thank you. Love to you and to your family. Robin

  4. hey ezra. i recieved my print of putney the clamdigger. the image is wonderful and the packaging is beautiful as well. everything you do is done VERY VERY WELL.
    “fast boy” will live on. in your prints and your bikes and in all you have touched. all will live on.

    yr boston pal,

  5. Hi Ezra , I have been reading your blog for two months. I just want to say how much I admire your writing. You are living proof that life can be so difficult but always so beautiful and precious. God bless you and your wife and loved ones.

  6. This time I was quick enough 🙂
    Wonderful pictures and an ever evolving story.
    Love from Berlin

  7. Ezra, I stumbled on your life this week and have been absolutely inspired and captivated by your deeply honest approach to what you see, what you do and who you are. I’ve been praying for you and your wife in quiet moments. I hope you feel that energy surrounding you from all these souls you’ve blessed.

    Deep gratitude for this legacy you’ve created and shared.

    Big love is right.
    Peace, brother.

  8. Hi Ezra – Been following you for a while. It does not surprise me that your photos are so amazing because the guy who writes this blog and took the photos is pretty amazing himself. Waiting for the pill flasks. In the past 5 years, my hubby had a stage IV throat cancer with all the chemos, radiation, emergency surgeries, planned surgeries etc. Then a stage II cancer elsewhere and more radiation. And by the way, a stroke! BUT he still works, is a wonderful father to our 2 teenagers, a loving husband to me and all in all a very cool guy. (Hillary, I know what you’re feeling too). He’s actively followed by 8 docs and takes 26 prescriptions a day (some pills are 2 or 3 times a day) so a pill flask or 2 would come in handy. This is a strange place we all find ourelves in but there are moments of beauty too – like in your photos. Keep doing what you are doing and just know that even perfect strangers are sending love and hope and prayers for grace and strength to both you and Hil.

  9. Ezra, I love this set of dancing photos! The movement is joyful (even the smudgy mascara dancer you maybe made weep has a hint of a smile almost appearing, in my eye). Deb

  10. Ezra, I was first introduced to your blog when my brother posted “Obviously”. Of course I had to start at the beginning and get up to speed. I have been inspired and humbled by the grace in which you are living your life. Your writing is heartfelt and the photos art. Thank you for showing me and others what is possible. My best to you and your family on your fantastic journey.

  11. I hope the photo project is enjoyable for H as well as for you – I’m assuming she is part of the curating process. The photo (in your daily photos section) of H looking at a set made me realize that I have been thinking in terms of being supportive of you, but not giving a lot of thought to her needs. I’m sure the folks in your local support group are smarter about this than I have been.

  12. Hi Ezra,
    I am only to June 2011 of your story, but have found it to profoundly moving , there is strength and humor and tenderness as well as a beautiful palate of colors that paint your life =) You are an amazing man with a natural ease for reaching people and being completely transparent about your experiences … what a gift you have given to others, it’s reflected in all the response you receive. I would love to see the photos ? I am not sure where to find them . God Bless you Ezra and thank you for sharing your very personal journey with us.

  13. Got the photos–beautifully and artfully packaged. I slid the photos out without breaking the tab seals–they and the stamped “Assless Bike” were a nice touch. Everything you do is touched by art and much thoughtfulness.
    If you want a suggestion–make prints of the “American Gothic” photo of you and Hillary. A classic!
    G’Bless from Alabama.

  14. ezra! my neighbor has been holding onto my photo as I was away and she found at it my door. I just love it ! oh how gorgeous it is. all the shades of white, silver, gray in the folds of sheets, putney, hillary’s arm. both their faces not visible. i have it now sitting on my little altar in a place of honor as and will find just the right frame for it. thank you. Im thinking of you both, now in VT, enjoying the green, the bikes, and each other and each day. with much love, xo caitlin

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