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Yesterday turned out to be  great day. During my final walk of the day, a small miracle occurred and when we got back to the room, everything had been moved! I got a new room! And it’s beautiful!  I big window looking at points east.  I’m on the tenth floor, so it makes for quite a view.

This new room doesn’t have quite the same triage vibe as the step down unit.  Much more civilized.  No alarms going.. no TVs blaring.  I couldn’t be happier.

I slept very well last night.  I had normal dreams.  Not the sort of topical and obsessive ones that have been the norm for these last weeks.  I slept soundly enough that I woke up a few times a little unclear on where I was exactly!  Perfect!

As you can see, the main dressing is off.  Not sure if you can really tell at this resolution that those are all staples.  Roughly 60 of them!  They’ll come out before I leave.  I have to admit that seems a little miraculous.  I mean, it’s a BIG incision!  In just a week, it’ll have healed enough that I won’t risk opening it back up when I’m playing handball?? *winks*

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  1. So glad that you got your own room! I remember when they gave me staples for the scar on my head and going to school trying to figure out how the heck they did it!

    Take care my friend. 🙂

  2. this is wicked crazy. that incision! amazing. i’m so glad you have a quiet room. with a window. 10th floor. all you need is a putney now. happy bout your restful nite with ordinary dreams. sleep well again. you are dear.

  3. That’s exactly it…renaissance! Being an art history ignoramus, could not put my finger on it. Glad you are out of that inferno and can finally relax and immerse yourself completely in your recovery.

  4. Damn, what a photo! You look like St. Sebastian minus a few arrows.
    Less artistically speaking, I’m very glad to see you standing and to read that you are in a better and more humane setting. Great relief.

  5. It *IS* kind of a classical pose.

    SO glad to hear things are sunnier today. Think of how we all are pulling for you– I hope it helps a bit. Much love from your strangers/ friends you just haven’t met yet, to you and Hillary too.

  6. awesome! the room, the photo, the scar, the staples. Seeing this post made me say to my husband, “this guys going to be ok.” The wildness will continue, but you sure as hell won’t lose yourself to the mayhem.

    oh, and the staples feel funny coming out. actually, they feel just like you would expect them to feel, but it’s a little strange to feel staples coming out of your skin. like you were a piece of paper.

  7. Yes, kind of St Sebastian esque, was what I was thinking as well. Only you could make this image, so striking, of yourself in this condition, and make it beautiful. Damn.

    Very glad to see you are up, and defying the demons of hospital hell, and that you got a better room with a view, and all. Yes, you WILL be ok. Much love

  8. It’s really good news that you have a room and the nightmare has ended, you need your space to recover and have peace and calm that will make everything better. It is a pleasant news to know that you have normal dreams because that is a big step toward the goal: your full recovery. A big hug and lots of energy.

  9. Way to make yourself heard! I got a Big old shit eaten (really?) grin on my face to hear the levity in your voice. I had 14 staples holding my right knee together when I was 15. It is such a strange sight. The brain is thinking, aren’t these supposed to be used with stationary. I’ll be look’en for that hand ball game in late November. Maybe now I will be able to keep up with ya.
    Take it easy enjoy the view.

  10. Having mustered but a D in art history, I could not have come up with the St. Sebastian comparison, but it is perfect. Perhaps now that you have ascended from the hell of a shared hospital suite, you can properly mend. Take good care and enjoy that view.

  11. those rooms are so loud. a bud of mind had one. goddam! TV goin’s all the time? sheesh! glad yer gettin’ some peace and quiet, fast man.

    them tubes? yer a brave warrior. . .a brave brave warrior. them tubes? goddam! yer a hero, is all.

  12. I just took a closer look at those staples in the high-res… this is totally screwing with my ideas about how people are made. Reroute the basic plumbing and staple him up? wtf.

    I hope you’re doing well — you know, under the circumstances! Warm & well wishes to you and Hillary.

  13. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Your spirits seem up and this is a good, good thing!

    Is it ok to say that you’re still DAMN sexy even with all those tubes and staples? 🙂

    Thanks for keeping everyone posted.

  14. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.
    We have the technology.
    We have the capability to make the world’s second bionic man.
    Ezra Caldwell will be that man.
    Better than he was before.
    Faster Boy.

  15. I agree.. You almost look slightly like a renaissance Madonna, with the weight shifted to one hip and all! Thank goodness for less noisy rooms, that are high.. and have a view! At last, the earth! You know, its amazing how clean that incision is – Love you Ez.. I bet Putt can’t wait to see you –

  16. I can’t think of a better way to tell cancer: “F*** You!!!”

    It’s true– this photo, this post, you’re going to be just fine. It’s clear.
    The best is yet to come.

    Cheers, friend :~)

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