New Tattoos

I went yesterday afternoon for the radiation prep. Wow. High Tech.

They take a CT scan of the area to identify the parts that they want to blast, and then feed the result into a computer. They give the computer information about what to blast (tumor), and what to avoid (balls, prostate, bladder, and other important organs), and the computer generates a treatment program. To make sure that they’re able to return you to the postition you were in when you were originally scanned, they tattoo (really!) three strategic dots on you and use lasers to line you up. Whoa.

On their first attempt in the radiation machine, they shoot blanks at you, and take pictures to make sure that they’re on target. It’s hard not to be in awe of what’s possible now. My grandfather and his sister both died of colon cancer in their 50s. Pretty sure they weren’t doing this stuff back then.

All the hoops seem to have been jumped through at this point. It’s looking as though treatment really will start on Monday. Except for that first one on Monday, which will take a little longer than the usual ones and happen AFTER chemo, my radiation appointments will all be at 7:30 in the morning, and will only take about 15 mintues (!). On the weeks that I don’t go straight to LOOONG chemo appointments afterwards, I’ll be able to make it home in time to bring Hill her coffee!

Unless they spring something unexpected on me, I’ve got the next three days wide open! No office visits, no tests, no digital exams.. nothing. I’m looking forward to a little time in the shop! Going to do my best to build the assless prototype frame before treatments start. Pictures as it develops!

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  1. This is fascinating! It sounds like you’re in good hands. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Get well soon.
    (Looking forward to the assless bike!)

  2. Found your blog by way of Urban Velo. That’s a rough situation, man; one I can’t begin to imagine going through. But it sounds like you’re taking it on with the right mix of hope, strength, and humor.

    Best wishes, and stay strong.

  3. Last year my dad underwent radiation treatment for some prostate cancer he had. He lives in a country town where they didn’t have they right facilities, so he was sent to a hospital about 2-3 hours drive north of where my parents live. They could either do the round trip every day, or move in to some subsidised rental units that they have for army vets. Given that the rental units were on a pretty famous beach, and my dad’s been a surfer for many years more than i’ve been on this earth, they decided to go with the units.

    And guess what? The whole treatment was an absolute breeze for him. 15 minutes a day at the hospital (some times my mum didn’t have time to finish her cup of coffee before he was out and ready to leave), and he spent most of those 6 weeks surfing. He actually pulled a muscle in his back from doing too much surfing, and the docs told him to calm down and not surf so much.

    The cancer is back down to undetectable levels now. He’s doing fine. He actually just won a custom made surfboard worth $1800 in a random prize draw, so he’s as happy as a pig in mud.

    Point being: the c-word can be scary as fuck and conjures up all sorts of scary images and worse case scenarios, and it’s not something you’d wish anyone to go through… But it’s doesn’t always work out to be bad, and indeed sometimes it can be smooth sailing.

    You’re young and otherwise healthy. Sounds like you’ve got some awesome docs. I’m guessing the odds are in your favour.

    Keep rockin’ out dude. And fuck your cancer. Fuck it good and hard. You’re Ezra.

  4. yeah man, your grandpaw and his sister didn’t have all the tech stuff they have now. your odds are way way better. all the good docs are in nyc anyway. and you’re gonna be well and back ridin’ and all soon. all good thoughts man. to your lady too.

  5. Hi Ezra, I’m Riccardo from Italy. I found you, following my big love for bikes, for life and photography. I’m waiting every day for new shots from you and brand new fantastic handmade bikes.
    Your work is great, your picture are wonderful, your love for bike is fantastic.
    I need to see more Fastboy bikes, see you soon!
    Fuck cancer, you’re Ezra!

  6. Hey,

    So sorry to hear about this, but I’m happy for you for all the good odds you have going for you. Also – the assless bike might turn into a worldwide wonder! 😉

    All the best wishes,
    Birgitte, in Norway (friend of Stine)

  7. Ezra,

    My friend, take solace in knowing that technology truly is an amazing thing and there is always a way to teach cancer a thing or two about fighting. Though my crash was certainly nothing like cancer, it did nearly kill me, I am back on the bike and riding again (little by little) after just a bit more than 3 months.

    You’re young and strong and have a huge network of support around you; I have faith you’ll kick cancer square in the balls.

  8. I remember going apesh*t when they told me I was getting tattooed for my radiation treatment. For some reason, it was the last straw for me during a week of rough days and I absolutely refused to do it. I held out for a couple of days, carefully marking the dots on my abdomen myself with magic marker every day.

    Then that got kind of old.

    And I decided that maybe the tats weren’t such a bad idea after all.

    You’re so right. There is a lot to be thankful for – new and constantly improving technology is one of them.


    I bet there’s a place you never thought you’d get tattooed. You should ask them if instead of dots they can do flames.

    Or not.

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