Nose MkIII

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned the nose bike.  I arrived at this third version of the frame last November and built a few of them, but never actually put up any photos.  Yesterday afternoon when I should have been working on a customer’s bike, I had a pretty clever idea for a front platform/crate and dropped what I was doing to make it!

The Nose bike, when equipped with a crate makes a pretty convenient grocery getter.  It’s easy just to toss in things like grocery bags and anything else that will fit, and off you go.  I find myself in the position pretty frequently, though, of having to head out to find the UPS guy who’s got a package on his truck for me that may or may not fit in my crate.  It feels pretty silly to ride a cargo bike home one handed because the parcel you’re holding in your other hand won’t fit in the crate.  So I built a platform upon which I could bungee packages, and discovered pretty quickly that it feels just as silly to ride a cargo bike around with a back pack on because the stuff you want to carry is too disorganized to go on a platform.  GAH!  What to do?

It goes without saying, that I could remove the bolts and simply switch from the platform to the crate, but this was just enough hassle to make it not worth doing!  Naturally, I could bungee the old crate to the new platform, but this felt a little kludgy.  Then it occured to me..  What if the platform was the bottom of the crate?!

The platform that I had made was slightly tapered.  Narrower at the front.  You know, for aerodynamics.  So I made a crate that was missing a bottom.. mostly.

When you put the crate on, it mates with the platform..   (stop giggling, Valancy Jane).

Slide it back, and through the magic of inclined planes, it snugs right into place.

Then bungee it down and you’re off to the races..  Or the grocery store.

This only takes about 15 seconds, requires no tools, and is VERY solid.  Surprisingly so!

I found some bungees with loops at one end, so you only need to worry about chasing the other end.. which helps a lot!

There are a few little innovations that I’ve got in mind.  But as a concept I think it’s pretty neat, and it renews my excitement about the nose bike.

Now I need to head out to the shop and get back to work on that customer’s bike.

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