Nov 15 update.

I’m sorry for the radio silence.

I have been so enjoying feeling like myself, and working in the shop, that keeping a blog has taken a back seat.  Since getting back from Nova Scotia, I’ve managed to knock three frames (nearly) off the queue.  They’ve all been replaced by new orders.  Oh well..  There’s no getting ahead.  It’s been a joy, and I wish there were more hours in day.

There has been very little to report.   Things, however, are about to get exciting again!  I am scheduled for surgery on Monday morning.

This last week I’ve had various pre-op appointments.  A chest x-ray, ekg, another petscan.   All came back normal, which, in the case of the petscan is particularly exciting.  Any sizable mass of cancer would show up on the petscan if it was there.  This doesn’t rule out living cancer at a microscopic level, however.  The biopsies that they did immediately following treatment also showed no sign of cancer..  so I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

I’ll start eating pretty boring food today, and switch to a clear liquid diet tomorrow.  Tomorrow evening I get to do a “preparation” (docs are so diplomatic) and monday morning I’ll go in to the hospital first thing in the morning.  Surgery is scheduled for 11:00.  Please cross your fingers, pray, do voodoo, ride your bike or whatever it is that you feel this calls for.  There is the distinct chance that by the end of this week, once the biopsies are finished, they’ll declare me cured (four more months of prophylactic chemo to follow, but hey!).. so any push I can get in this direction is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.

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  1. dunno what time that is over here in Brighton, UK. but i’ll be thinking of you and your family on Monday. all the best man.

  2. Ezra, godspeed (and given the Fast Boy moniker, it’s apt)!

    I’ll be racing ‘cross tomorrow but I figure, I’ll race cross in your name and my father-in-law’s (who also was recently diagnosed with cancer).

  3. Sending good thoughts –
    Hope all goes great –

    Hope it’s not Go-Ly you have to drink for the ‘prep” –

    Will be waiting patiently for an update.

  4. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day. monday will be a good day.


    Good thoughts coming your way. I’m sending good thoughts to Hillary too!

  5. dear esra,
    I’m a silent follower – I came to your flickr-site by chance some months ago and read about your diagnose. and since then I followed your updates – I’m fascinated by you way to deal with all this. you’re a real role model regarding how to keep faith and a life instead of beeing a victim of fear. (I’ve met fucking cancer, too – but I was’nt that brave.I had luck on my side.)
    so – fuck cancer, esra. especially tomorrow! all the best, I keep my fingers crossed.
    sabine, germany

  6. I’ve been silently following your story for months now. I wish you the best. I work in a lab that studies melanoma and I see sad stories all the time. Beat this. I know you can. You deserve it.

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