Oh hi.


Yesterday I gave my doc’s assistant a call to see if there was any progress on scheduling a PetCt.

“Oh..  That’s with the financial department at the moment..  Usually it takes a week or so.  Someone will call you.”


Got a call back ten minutes later,

“Ok, so.  They got approval.  How’s tomorrow morning?”

We’ve decided here at the VT house that this is a girl who knows how keep expectations LOW!  What a good trick!

“Tomorrow morning is GREAT!”

So.  I’m home from the scan now.  It’s 1:00 in the afternoon.  I’m just now having my second cup of coffee (first came from a bad coffee shop on the upper east side near the Petscan store..  No coffee allowed pre-scan).  And I’m supposed to find some way to get out to the shop and be productive now.  We’ll see.

One of the really nice things about cancer.. or at least this is what the doctors seem to have figured out..  is that it doesn’t grow on the weekend!

So there you go.  Just like me, you get to wait until monday to hear the verdict.  (unless my doc’s assistant gets involved!)

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  1. So we wait.

    Since we have a minute I’d like to relay this anecdote: One of my students has 2 moms – one of his moms is his biological mom and they used an anonymous sperm donor. The kid is a freaking clone of his bio mom – there is no doubt to anyone who looks at his family who his biological mom is. He lives and breathes football (this is Texas after all) but he also takes AP Philosophy and I’m his AP English Lit tutor. So after reading your post yesterday, I asked him last night, “Feel free to tell me to shut up / this is none of my business, but do you have a different relationship with your biological mom vs your other mom? Do you think of your family in those terms? Are there times when you feel either some undefinable bond or undefinable separation?”

    He smirked and said, “Nah. I don’t. And I’l tell you, there are times when Mama D (non bio mom) is explaining (a certain kind of football offense I can’t remember the name of) to me and I swear I feel the cellular structure in my body changing.” He is an amazing kid bound for Dartmouth. He is a Voracious learner and shocks me with his insights all the time – but that one struck me as plainly, understandably true.

    Parenting is not biology. Parenting is every insight, reaction, relationship model, thought process, work ethic, empathetic gesture, way of understanding this place you show your kid every day. From conception on – everything about your relationship with your wife shapes that kid. Everything about you alters your kids every single day – in permanent and demonstrable ways. Every day you alter their cellular structures.

    Fuck “normal.” Normal is bullshit. Your kids will always be your kids. They will always be you.

    We’ve never met, Ezra 🙂 but I have colon cancer all over my family tree and I adore the way you write.

    Thanks for the update. Go do something fun this weekend.

  2. Long time without talk to you here my admired friend. All the good energy for you. You are a warrior man, close to win another battle.

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