Gang.  Seriously.  Pace yourselves.

The response to the new for sale tab has been overwhelming.  Thank you.  Tomorrow will be a busy morning of printing and packaging.    (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I am now selling prints of photos.  Explanation here.)

3 of 9 images are sold out already!  Several others only have one to go.  There are two that haven’t sold a single print!  And the strange thing is that they were two of the selection committee’s absolute favorites.   Go figure!

Just to address a few questions that came in over email and in the comments section..

– The prints WILL be signed.  On the back, with the date printed.

– I WILL be shipping overseas.  I apologize about the cost.  I am shipping USPS priority flat rate, and have simply rounded the actual cost up to the nearest $.50 to help cover the cost of packaging materials.  Sadly shipping overseas (and even to Canada!!) is quite pricey.  (shipping for additional prints is just $1.00 more to all destinations)

US $5.50

Canada $20.00 (!!)

Everywhere else $25.00

In all cases, additional items just $1.00

Maybe for those of you overseas that imagine you might want to buy prints from upcoming batches as well, you could just include a note to that affect, and I can put a hold on your shipment until several photos have accumulated?  Folks in the US..   please don’t make that request, it will end up being much too hard for me to keep track of!

– As for the request that I charge more for the prints..  or I guess the suggestion, not request..  I appreciate that.  Very kind.  For now, as long as I don’t make the quantities available too large, I think that the price point is fine.  Adequate compensation to make the time spent printing and packaging feel like time well spent.  While I don’t want these to feel cheap, I DO want to keep them accessible.  

– Special requests.  Feel free to make them as long as you promise not to be insulted if I don’t respond, or if you don’t see your request reflected in an upcoming batch.

Thank you all!  What fun.

Big Love.

Have a good weekend.

Fast boy OUT!

16 Replies to “Oh SNAP!”

  1. Okay I wasn’t going to be pushy & tell you that you should b charging $100 at least per photo BUT SINCE YOU BROUGHT IT UP I am ” saying it now.”

    I hope some friends or family are helping you with the packaging & shipping process. If I didn’t live over 1000 miles away I’d be volunteering so u & Hil have more time to do more important things.

  2. Looking forward for some of your gorgeous pics looking at me in my place here in Tuscany. Great job, my friend, buon finesettimana amico caro.

  3. soooo looking forward to buying a bunch! love your pics, love you and your sweetie. kisses from me and the fam from over the ocean.

  4. I would like to see the Monkey Business photos for sale someday. There is something wonderful about being mid air.

  5. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. My eyes may be playing tricks on me but – wow – does your sister look exactly like her?? Thanks for the update. Hope the heat lets up soon…

  6. Hi Ezra, I found you through a cycling friend. Your images are beautiful. I appreciate your visual journey, one now that you did not choose, yet you continue to do so with a big heart and openness that it is hard not to be drawn into. Art, bicycles and cancer, these I know well. Thank you for honest raw emotions. “Naked Truth”, love this on so many levels. I noticed Jim Dine print, Five Paintbrushes on the wall. Again, so deep and moving. Love and blessings to you and your family.

  7. Ezra: It’s been 35 years since I did any photo printing in high school and it was all black and white from film – my high school didn’t have the setup to print color. I have a digital camera but haven’t ever learned anything about the printing of digital photos as I just email the jpgs to a company and they print the pics for me.

    Is it difficult to make a black and white print of a photo you have done in color? If not, can I request that when I order a color photo?

    I can’t express how excited and relieved I was to get the PayPal message that my order from set 1 had shipped – I was afraid I might not have gotten my order in early enough and would find out all the prints of that photo (Pentax Selfie) would be sold out. Thank you so much for doing this for those of us who enjoy your photography and are inspired by your life story.

    Hugs, Sandra

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