Ok.. Let’s try again.

My strength came back as the weekend went on.  Yesterday I even felt energetic enough to get mixed up with the LAW!  Poor guy.  I should be grateful.  He had me laughing for the rest of the day.

Headed in shortly to try again on the chemo.  Crossing my fingers that my white blood cell count is back up high enough to get this over with.  I’ve got psychosematic stomach churning going on already.  “Yup, stick that thing right in there doc..  let it drip!”  It’s like asking for a martini with your lunch after waking up hugging the toilet bowl from a bender the night before.

I’m feeling very upbeat.  This is all over so soon.  However I get through it, vacation starts in less than two weeks.

When I started treatment, I had it in my head that during the radiation-only weeks, I’d be able to work.  That really hasn’t turned out to be the case.  I’ve found that the effect of this stuff is cumulative (duh).  While what you’re getting from day to day doesn’t increase, you feel more and more ragged as it goes on.  I’ll try to work next week and the week following, but once the treatment is REALLY done, and they’ve done the post treatment tests (I assume another petscan, another endoscopic ultrasound, a needle biopsy, etc), Hill and Putney and I are going to get out of dodge for a while.  Off to Nova-Scotia.  My eden.  I’ll rest there.  Take pictures.  I’ll come back a new man.  (watch the fuck out!)

Thank you all for your continuing support.  I can’t say how helpful it is.

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  1. Hope this round of chemo is more tolerable for you –

    So glad to hear you have a vacation planned. Nice to have that to look forward to after the misery of treatment.

    After this chemo/radiation 1 -2 punch. You will be scheduled for surgery???

    As always…. sending good thoughts your way

  2. Hi Ezra, happy to read that you are feeling energetic, even if it’s temporary.

    Yes to a vacation in Nova Scotia! Actually my boyfriend and I are heading out there in a few days. We’ll spend 5 days in Maine, and we are off to Nova Scotia for 5 days. So far we’ve planned to go whale watching in Brier Island, take a tour of a winery near Digby and spend two nights in Kejimkujik national park. Oh, and we’ll make sure to OD on scallops in Digby! Where in Nova Scotia is your lodge located?

    lots of kisses for putney

  3. i remember radiation: 5X a week for 7 weeks. i thought it would be a breeze compared to chemo which was 6X all together, once every third week. shit, photons? no problem. that didn’t turn out to be the case. having to show up every day and each day i got more burnt up and more tired. i think by the end i felt more ragged than i had on chemo 6. (at least with the drip i had 2 weeks to chill in between)
    hang in there ezra!

  4. Glad you are feeling better today. Hope the treatment went well today. So glad to know you’ll have such a beautiful place to recoup & regroup. Looks like paradise to me! (Makes me miss the east!)

    Happy Tuesday!

    -j, r, s & z

  5. It’s awesome to hear you so upbeat.

    Keep rocking out. You blow my mind. And I know that you’ll go through chemo like a pro 😀

    Nova Scotia sounds so jokes! Have fun.

  6. dude awesome to see you yesterday… sorry we didn’t make it to a movie, maybe this weekend?
    also i am still psyched to do the subway-breakdancing video… let’s make it happen
    you rule

  7. Good man Ezra…
    I am constantly humbled by your words.
    Felling good and strong?…those little fuckers are getting a beating !
    enjoy Nova Scotia and look forward to seeing the pics on flickr!

  8. Nothing like a little bureaucratic silliness to get the blood moving, eh? And Nova Scotia is just around the corner!

    A subway breakdancing video with Sam?! Can’t wait!

  9. Hi Ezra, your posts are inspiring. I teach high school Anatomy in a small town right next to San Jose, CA. I’m directing my students to read your blog to get an understanding of how cancer/radiation works. Your posts are raw, real, and full of hope.

    I just wanted to let you know, even though you probably already do, that your story stretches across the nation. Thanks for living a life so transparent allowing complete strangers to accidentally wander in.

    I pray you beat this thing. I think in your heart you already have.

  10. I totally agree with that last post…….even though we are family, and I sometimes hear news through other family, this blog of yours has been a way for me to know what’s going on with you on a near-daily basis; it keeps me from having to agonize over questions and wonders, and it answers little things I would never ask anyone. The fact that people all over the world are able to look through this window into your life is really awe-inspiring. Talk about taking lemons and making lemonade! We are still thinking of you every day here in MA. Keep up the good work, and when you head to Nova Scotia, give a wave on your way by!

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