Ok. so.

You should know how to make this.

Spinach Salad.  I used to eat this at a restaurant in Brattleboro Vermont called the Shin La.  It was a Korean owned place that had started as a sub shop, with only a couple of Korean items on the menu.  These few items were met with such enthusiasm, that pretty quickly the owners abandoned subs and went whole hog.

When we newbs in Vermont first had this it was a revelation!  Figuring out how to make it was a total “um.. duh!” moment.

Here’s how:  Steam some spinach.  Dress with toasted sesame oil and soy sauce.  Top with toasted sesame seeds.

More long winded:  Steaming spinach is easy.  Rinse the stuff in a colander, whether it needs it or not.  Let it drain, and then dump the whole thing into a big pot.  Don’t add any water!  Whatever is clinging to the leaves is perfect (that’s why you rinse it even if it’s prewashed!!  Get it?).  Turn on the heat, and cook uncovered so you can keep an eye on it.  Turn with tongs or hands as needed.  It will shrink massively.  Once it has all turned darker green pull it out and dunk it in an ice bath.  You can rinse it in cold water if you’re too lazy for an ice bath, but it’ll be much yummier if you shock it (ice bath is easy too..  you’ll never go back.  Big bowl of water.  Now crack a tray or two of ice cubes in.  Tada!).  Once it’s properly cooled, pull it out and squeeze as much water out as you can.  Break up the spinach ball you’ve made and dress in a bowl (roughly equal parts oil and soy).  Top with toasted sesame seeds.  You can add some diced scallions too if you like.

Try it.  It’s one of those great dishes that is MUCH more than the sum of its parts.

More to come.  Now that I don’t have cancer, I think I might make this a cooking blog.

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  1. oh, and don’t forget to add lots and lots of garlic…you could mince them or use a microplane. my mom used to put in huge chunks in her version and i’ve been pretty immune to garlic since then (i generally overdo the garlic in my cooking).

    i rather like the idea of a cooking blog. is it going to be renamed, “teaching chefs to cry, one onion at a time?” 🙂

  2. a cooking blog… i love it. did you check out 101cookbooks.com? now there’s a cooking blog… you could rival with your skilled dishes and photography, east coast styles.

  3. ooh, looks amazing, I’ll give this a try tonight and add garlic. And thanks for a great blog (stumbled upon it a long time ago and it has stayed in my google reader ever since) Turning it into a cooking blog sounds like the best idea ever 🙂

  4. I have some fresh spinach in the fridge!

    And I think a cooking blog would be fantastic. Here’s to NOT having anything to write on a cancer blog! 🙂

  5. Ah, the Shin La, the spinach salad, and memories of feeling all grown up going out to dinner in high school. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. dude. you have a fabulous girlfriend/wife, you make coolness on wheels for a living, you kick cancer’s ass (and are therefore a hero) and now you COOK???? i feel sorry for other men who don’t measure up. 🙂

  7. oh. wow. finally made this, and it’s fantastic. thank you so much for my new favourite way to eat my favourite vegetable, ezra.

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