One year cancer free!

I guess I don’t really know how you’re supposed to count this sort of thing.  A year ago today was the end of my final treatment, however.  I guess, to be precise, I need to wait a few more hours until I was actually unplugged, but good enough! One year in remission!

Recovering from the treatment has been it’s own project.  I am just recently starting to feel energetic again.  Starting to look like myself again.  I’ve got some aches and pains that we assume are associated with nerve regeneration, or damage from radiation, (or are psychosomatic..  ha).  I’m grateful every day.

In the last handful of months something has happened with my bike building.  I’m getting better at it..  The difference may be subtle, but I’m dialing in a look and a spirit to the bikes that feels right.  I recently updated the gallery with some fresh stuff.

Hill has spent the year getting herself mired up to the armpits in PHD study.  I couldn’t be more proud.  She has read more in the last 12 months than I have in my life.  I feel pretty sure about that.  The best part is that she’s completely fascinated by her area of study.. charged up!  (Environmental Psychology..  she’s currently focusing on aging.)

Our anniversary is just 2 weeks away (it’s anniversary season around here!).  We’re going to pack up the dog and go to Nova Scotia for a couple of weeks.  Heaven.

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  1. Good for you man. Not even sure when we saw eachother last…..but, love the pic! And, my dad keeps sending out updates from your blog….

    Cool bikes! And good living….best to you!


  2. Well I was GOING to say congrats, and I’m happy for you and all that… but then you had to go and rub Nova Scotia in my face. So now I’m jealous and disgruntled. 😉

  3. wonderful. hate the whole cancer thing, but glad it brought you and Hill into my life. im all sorts of proud of you guys, and especially proud to know you. xoxo

  4. Congratulations! I started reading your blog just as you were finishing treatment last year. I can hardly believe the time has flown by. I’m so happy for you and pray that cancer never rears its ugly head again!

    Congrats on your anniversary, too. Have a fun trip!

  5. Thanks. There is no doubt that a strong immune system is important. And congrats on one year. That is a strong step on your way to HEALED!

    But please never say fuck to your cancer, since it is just yourself. And every part of you deserves the love you can give it.

    Good job

  6. Hi Ezra,

    You don’t know me, I basically stumbled upon your blog while nerding out on handmade bikes. But your words raised the hair on my neck because my dad is about to start treatment for colon cancer (as soon as he gets past a major setback from septic shock from his first colon surgery which nearly killed him), and my wife went through aggressive chemo treatment for breast cancer at age 30. What’s in Oregon’s water, anyway?

    Paging back through your posts was pretty inspiring an made me revisit my own memories with my wife and her tingly hands and feet. It’s really important for people who have to face-off with the disease to hear success stories like yours. I’m going to pass this blog along to my pops when he’s ready for it. Fuck cancer. Glad you showed it what’s what. It’s also a good reminder that us young guys with family histories need to get checked out early. Gotta spread the word.

    And your bikes are amazing too. Keep ’em coming.

    My sincere best wishes,

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