Forgot to say.

There was no colonoscopy on Friday.  It’s postponed until next Friday because of double booking at the office.

BUT, the PetCT is this morning!  Wee.

So.  I’m up.  With no coffee.  Ready to stroll over to the medical imaging store.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be vindicated, and the scan will show that the mass of concern in the pre-sacral area has continued to resolve itself despite the fact that I’ve spent the last three months doing quite a reasonable amount of bike riding!

Every time I get a scan, there is a certain amount of anxiety.  Less each time, though, I have to say.  After 10 or 15 of these things, you start to figure out that there is never any concrete news..  unless it’s BAD news.  The good news, if there is any, is always that there isn’t any clear bad news.  SO that’s what we hope for.  No bad news.

I’ll let you know tomorrow or the next day!

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  1. No bad news please, please, pleaseeee… I’ll be thinking, so hard, on you, with my best wishes!!!

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