Progress and Mayhem

Friday the lumber arrived, and I got it into the basement.  That turned out to be enough for the day, and wasn’t a shabby piece of work.

Saturday I rode Hill’s pony bike (with a seat!!!  what a joy to be on a bike!  Early morning, still cool..  not to many crazy people in cars honking because they’re in some big fucking hurry.  Just mellow) up to the bronx to pick up the framing nailer that hadn’t made it onto the truck with everything else.  Rode back home and framed up the walls of the new shop.  Another good productive day.

Yesterday morning I went out and wired up the new walls.  A couple of outlets that’ll be at the back of the work bench,  and one down low for the tig welder.  A switch and a few new ceiling fixtures for light above the workbench.  I wired it into an existing circuit, but ran cable out the other side of the wall as well, so that when I wire up a sub panel for the 220 circuits, I can get the power from that box and have the breakers handy (the breaker for the circuit it’s all on now, and indeed all the power in the basement, is up two floors in my brother’s kitchen.  Not all that handy).  After a few tripped breakers and a couple of tickles I had it all sorted out.  Then I started to close up the walls.  Putting up ply wood.  After a few feet…  as you can see in exhibit A, I ran out of gas.  I COULD have kept going, but it would have been a little silly.  Everyone is telling me to take it easy (these were, in fact, the doctor’s ORDERS).  So.  I figured I’d take it easy by stopping work once I was exhausted.  Seems fair.

I am entirely off the narcotics.  After my stupid experiment with going cold turkey a few weeks ago, I smartened up and weaned.  It went pretty fast, and I have now been clear of the stuff for 2 days.  Just as importantly, my insomnia seems to be going away a little.  I may not really have talked about it here, but I had worked myself into a bit of a cycle of insomnia that lasted a couple of weeks (more or less since the turkey incident.) Not anxious, just not asleep.  Staring at the ceiling until 3 in the morning or so.  Now, instead, I’m just waking up super early.  THINGS TO DO!!!!  But waking up early is normal for me, so.. all systems go.  I’m slowly starting to feel like myself again.

One more week of work on the shop, and Hill and I hit the road.  She finished her final paper last night (at long last) and is sleeping in this morning.  A dark rainy morning in NYC.  Perfect for sleeping in.

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  1. Congrats on all your transformations and happy to hear you are feeling better. Back to bike building! But don’t forget we like your photos, too.

  2. You seem so energetic…I’m so impressed! Were you crazy like this before the cancer or is this a fabulous new side effect?! 😉
    Enjoy your well deserved holiday Ezra.

  3. all this makes me happy to hear!! reading about your activities, and getting better, and sleeping better, and Hill’s finishing the school year, is super inspiring as well as being so exciting! so glad you are getting back to bizness of creating, making and living!!! yipee. (not that you ever stopped for a minute, but now its your focus again.)

  4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You are THE MAN, Ez! It’s great to see that you’re so busy and that you are back on a bike again. WOOHOO! Congrats to you and Hill. Time for the three of you to enjoy a much-deserved vacation. Enjoy, brother!

  5. Can’t wait to see this shop finished and you in action! But it happens when it happens– take care of you first. The work will be there waiting for you. 😉

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