progress report

I had a pretty productive day out in the shop on thursday.  Got all the tubes mitered and put dropouts on the end of the chainstays.  (also brazed up the fork crown/steerer because it was something nice and quiet to do while my brother napped upstairs).  Managed to work for about 5 hours all told.  Was pretty tired by the end of it, to be honest.  Yesterday was less impressive.  Just got an hour or so in, but managed to prepare all the lugs and do a dry run of the set up.  Everything is as it should be.  Once I finish this cup of coffee I’ll go out and take the whole thing apart, clean it up, and then flux everything up and put it back in the fixture.  Ready to braze!  That was a little more than I could imagine doing yesterday, but I think that with the right music, today should go pretty well.  My good friend Caroline is going to come over and hang out with me while I work.  It’s good to have moral support!  I should still be able to have something that looks like a bike by the end of the weekend.

My hands have been pretty good.  No numbness to speak of..  50 degree days are helping.  The herbitux has definitely made my skin pretty raw and delicate though.  And after 6 months without working, my hands are feeling it!

These last two weeks have felt long.  I think just because I didn’t loose so many days to the narcotic dayz that comes with the pain I’ve been having.  One less day of treatment really made a difference.  It seems as though the pain is caused by a synergistic effect of the oxaliplatin + luekovorin.  Whoa..  chemo brain.. I think I’ve already written about this.  Anyway.  One less day of leukovorin during the last round seems to have been the key to the pain not kicking in hard on day 3.  Not particularly looking forward to going in on monday for a full round again.  After feeling so well these last few days, it’ll be particularly discouraging to go in and have my ass handed to me.  Then again..  maybe this break has given me time to recover enough that my wrecked bod will be able to handle it a little better.  With this stuff it’s all speculation.  We’ll see.

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  1. hi ezra
    glad you are getting into your shop and makin’ !
    i might be coming over again soon, and it would be great to come up and see you again, if you are up to a chatty brit biker ! let us know, as i have not finalised my plans, but it should be around week of 4th april.
    kindest regards

  2. Those components from the last post were a beautiful sight, and that frame is going to be brilliant. Glad you can talk about productivity…

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