race day

What a day.  We had a great time.  The weather was beautiful and the turn out was amazing (7800 participants all told).  Hill and Em managed to run the thing in a very impressive 1:30, and I strolled across the line 45 minutes later at around 2:15.  Lauren and Ben registered a little too late to do the 15k but did a 1.7 mile walk in the morning, and then Lauren joined me at around mile 5 to walk the remainder with me..  AS did the lovely Diane, my doc’s assistant, who has done SO much for us over the last several years..  Streamlining appointments, getting authorizations, fighting with the insurance company on my behalf.  We’d be lost without her!  So I wasn’t just a lonely walker off the back of the back. In point of fact, there where quite a number of runners who finished behind me!  Running!  Not sure how that happened.

Hill has sore knees.  Em wants beer.  And I have some blisters on the sole of my left foot.  Otherwise we all emerged unscathed.  My folks made us lovely panini at their place after the event.  And as soon as I’m done writing this I’ll go downstairs and make some fish cakes for dinner.  I promise a cooking video on fish cakes soon.  Tonight I may be a little tired to cook and film at the same time.

Not particularly looking forward to getting up tomorrow and going to treatment.  The weeks sure do roll around fast!  I AM however looking forward to checking another off the list..  Just two more to go after this one.  The weather is getting nicer every day in NYC, and I am so so looking forward to the end of this nonsense.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated.  We ended up with a little more than $6700. (donation line still open!!)

Off to cook.

Big love.

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  1. Thanks for the bike ride, the delicious meals, the stimulating conversation, and the good night’s sleep. Congrats on the successful run, team!

  2. Heroic achievements on both counts: a mighty impressive finish at 2hrs 15mins and for monies raised…

    You’re a legend Ezra!

    Many CONGRATULATIONS to all at “Team Fast Boy” for a race well run/walked!

  3. Great job, and kudos on the donations! We need you to come down here to the lovely Ozark Mountains and walk in the colon-cancer event we’ve got on May 7th. 😉

    I am so excited that you’re almost done with all this. Although I hope you’ll keep up the food blogging. I heart it!!!

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