Saint Patrick’s *cough*

On Saint Patrick’s day, I like to make corned beef and cabbage and potatoes.  I’m not sure whether or not it’s actually even traditional, but it seems fitting, and it’s the one time of the year that I do it.  Hillary was not pleased.  She’s generally pretty trusting and likes what I put in front of her, but she did NOT want corned beef.  I made it anyway.

I did, however, make it in a very different way than usual.  Rather than boiling everything in the same big pot until it hoisted some sort of white flag in submission as is the norm, I braised the brisket, and the cabbage (separately), and roasted the potatoes.

I will do an instructional on braising meat soon.  I promise.  It’s a wonderful way to cook, and anyone can do it.  It makes you a real hero.

But the real break from tradition (I think..  though my grasp on the tradition is a little fuzzy obviously) was to serve it all with a fresh horseradish mayo.  It was outstanding.

Google yourself a good recipe for mayonnaise.. yes.  make your own.

For the horseradish part: peel and chop into fairly small pieces as much horseradish as you think you’ll need.  Put it in a food processor with a splash of water for lubrication. Once it’s well chopped up, add a little bit of white vinegar and mix.  Let this sit for a while.  Add to the mayo with a little salt and pepper.  I’ll let you figure out how much to add.  (be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. Right?)

Put this on meat, roasted potatoes.   sandwiches.  whatever.

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  1. sounds great, we dont really have corned beef over here…… i love in in nyc deli’s on rye but would live to try it as a meal !!!!!! fresh horseradish we have !

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