mon, july 14th – I didn’t eat in preparation for the colonoscopy.

tues, july 15th – Had the colonoscopy. They found a tumor and took a biopsy.

thurs, july 17th – I got the biopsy results (and a family history from my uncle that revealed all sorts of colon cancer). Went Immediately to see my oncologist.. from here forward, Alberto.

wed, july 23rd – Finally got approval from my insurance company for the petscan, followed by an appointment with Alberto, followed by an appointment with my radiation oncologist.

sun, july 27th – Didn’t eat again.

mon, july 28th – Endoscopic ultrasound.

wed, july 30th – Port placement surgery.

thurs, july 31st – Appointment with Alberto to discuss findings of the ultrasound, and improving insurance.

fri, aug 1st – Appointment at the sperm bank (in the empire state building.. I kid you not! The lab tech’s name is Romeo.. no joke.)

TODAY! tues, aug 5th – Pre-op consultation with my surgeon.

That brings us more or less up to date. There was some hustling to upgrade my insurance plan in there somewhere.. same day as the port placement, I think.

I called the sperm bank yesterday morning, and found out that I had enough (just one trip.. what a stud, huh?). So, all the lights are green. The chemo/radiation schedule has to start on a monday, though, so I get a bit of a reprieve here. I’ll begin on the 11th. It’s a six week schedule. Radiation daily (weekends off) for the whole duration. For two weeks of the six (1st and 5th maybe.. first and last?) I get chemo as well. Those two weeks will be pretty brutal. The chemo treatments will take 4 or 5 hours – just sitting in a chair with a chemo drip straight into the heart. They’ll happen at Alberto’s office. When I finish up there, I’ll go straight to mt. Sinnai for the radiation. It’ll be pretty hard to get anything ELSE done that week.

When the six weeks are over, I get a break. A period for my body to recover enough to be able to handle surgery. We’re planning to spend that time in Nova Scotia.

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  1. Sperm bank in the Empires State Building!! You had to laugh in spite of what is happening. I once met a female architect who was working on a book about the skyscrapers being the modern phalice of the industrial revolution. The larger the falice the more prominant & sucessfull the businessman who built it. I don’t think it was ever published, but an interesting hypothosis.

  2. hard schedule ezra.

    so i have been thinking about this six months off the bike. i read in one of your comments that it was part of the groin protection program. i can’t imagine someone hasn’t mentioned this already, but have you considered a recumbent? one of those hammocky seats, with no saddle? it’d be no fast boy fixed gear but at least you’d be pedaling.

    anyway, looking at what you have coming up i can’t imagine you will be doing much bicycling in the immediate future, but maybe something to think about for the middle term.

    hang in there.


  3. marian- Yup! you got it.

    Artur- The sperm bank is a precaution. The chemotherapy targets quickly growing cells like caner and.. well.. sperm. also, with radiation treatments that close to the balls, there is the chance of some damage to same.. Not to mention an outlying chance of damage during surgery. They forbid trying for children for several years after treatment, but there’s also the slim chance of lasting sterility or erectile dysfunction.

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