shorter and shorter

I woke up feeling pretty lousy this morning.  Some joint pain and bad sciatica.  I hadn’t been out for a trot since monday, though, and made the gamble that I’d feel better and not worse after a short run.  Took Putney with me.  No better excuse than a dog who wants to stop and sniff EVERYTHING, to let you go easy.  I’ll rest tomorrow and see if I feel up for something a little longer on Saturday.  Weee!

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  1. I would really love to hear if your sciatica improves or is exacerbated by the running. Do you know if it’s nerve damage from the radiation or just overall cancer suckitude? I’ve had this conversation a lot over the last year with a dear friend / cancer survivor. His doctor told him, “Stop thinking that it is abnormal that you are in constant pain. This is your new normal. This is the way it is. It is not something to overcome, it is something to adjust to.” Yeah, he had a hard time with that. Tried some PT that immediately made everything flamingly worse. But if you stick with these things, does it get better? Does it improve your mood? He has abandoned rigorous exercise for fear that it will only make it worse, hoping that he’ll even out over the next year or so and then be able to get back into an exercise regime. I know everyone’s different and I honestly hate angling every f*cking comment here back to cancer and its endless repercussions when I’m sure you just want to get your run on and forget about the rest, but we relate to you:) and haven’t come across anyone else like you on the vast internets:) so please (!) keep us posted on the ups and downs of your running. You are a gloriously hardcore and honest guinea pig:) Thanks more than I can say…

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