Snow day!!!

WEEEEEEE!  I won’t start chemo ’til tomorrow.  The northeast is buried in snow, so I get a one day reprieve.  I called my doc last night and suggested that maybe we delay a day, if that made no difference to him.  He said, “it makes no difference at all..   in fact, I think it would be prudent.”  I think he was probably imagining me taking one of my walks through the park to get home and decided he couldn’t be responsible for me being found in a snow bank somewhere.

The snow started yesterday morning, and went right through the night.  We’ve definitely had worse here in the city, but this one is pretty good.  All airports closed.  Very little public transportation.. etc.  A car goes by every five minutes or so, but mostly the street is for pedestrians today.  One of my favorite sights!  Watching people walk right down the middle of the street on their way to the subway.

I’m feeling a little frustrated by my physical state.  Not allowed to shovel snow.  Not allowed to throw studded tires on the getter and go get in trouble..  We DID however take the dogs to the park and let them get their ya yas out.

We had a nice xmas.  Family, friends from vt and nyc, and a rather lean goose(?).  I’ve encountered a new side effect, though.  I’ve got canker sores inside my mouth that simple won’t go away.  SUPER painful.  I’m mostly fine as long as I don’t eat or talk.  A good thing that I don’t like either activity very much.  Hrumph..  It has put a bit of a damper on the last handful of days.  Amazing how such a small thing can change your mood so drastically.  I’d honestly rather be a little nauseous. HEY!  By tomorrow afternoon I’ll get BOTH!

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  1. one of the main reasons I love big snowstorms is the way it makes the streets for pedestrians only…freedom from cars & the rushrushrush world…
    I hope your mouth heals up so you’re able to gab & eat to your heart’s content again soon : )

  2. Peter and I can both sympathize with the canker sores! We’ve both had terrible bouts of multiple cankers at some time or other. What a treat they are…..a little relief can be had from mixing liquid Benadryl and milk-of-magnesia half and half and smearing it on. Of course it really doesn’t do enough, so we’ll pray for a speedy recovery for your poor mouth! xox from Massachusetts where we are cleaning up your leftover blizzard mess.

  3. Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage, “Any handbook that tells you that nauseous cannot mean ‘nauseated’ is out of touch with the contemporary language. In current use it seldom means anything else.”

    Thank you though, uncle Peter.

  4. Ezra, I’ve had those as well to a point where they hurt like hell to eat and made me talk funny. One thing that has worked for me is “Magic Mouthwash.” It’s lydocain plus something that helps it stick to the inside of your mouth. It doesn’t last a real long time, but helps to enjoy (and get down) your food, plus right before sleeping it will make it easier to get to sleep. It’s a prescription, but they were practically throwing it at me when my mouth sores got bad.

  5. i get canker sores all the time and i hate them. i have found that using listerine helps them go away much faster. it hurts when you do it, but usually they will go away in a day or so.

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