The snow has been relentless here in NYC.

ALL of my treatment and appointments happen on the upper east side. It’s sort of a you-can’t-get-there-from-here part of the city. I live up in harlem on the west side.. I’ve been taking the train down to 72nd street and walking across central park. So, every day that I have an appointment I end up walking through strawberry fields, which is usually thronged with Italian tourists (?). Yesterday it was pretty quiet, but someone from the parks dept. HAD come out to clear off the imagine mosaic.

The park was magical.  I think they reported 15 inches of snow.  Schools were closed, so the kids were all in the park sledding.  I grew up in Vermont where this sort of dumping of snow was pretty common place.  We lived in the woods..  couldn’t see a neighbor’s house from ours.  So we were just surrounded by big beautiful snow covered trees and etc.  Yet somehow, to be in the middle of a MASSIVE city, and be able to wander into a winter wonderland is another thing all together.

My walk across the park yesterday was to head out to east river medical imaging (the MRI store).  When I reported the joint pain to my doc during my monday appointment, he decided he wanted me to have an MRI of the spine.  Given the consistent pattern of the timing of the joint pain, I’m pretty convinced that it’s just another ghastly chemo side effect..  Another thing that you just have to go through to get to the treatment finish line.  But my doc is clearly taking no chances.  When I complain of pain now, he takes it pretty seriously.  I suppose I’ll find out today if there’s anything nefarious causing it.

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  1. I will be in NYC (in Harlem no less) in about ten days’ time. I hope everything looks as lovely as you describe it here.

    Sending all best wishes for a clean MRI.

  2. No need for apologies on the video – its a brilliant strategy and very well executed – not that I have the confidence to follow it!

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